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Which Cleaning Products Everyone Should Have
Published on Sunday, 03 February 2013

Which Cleaning Products Everyone Should Have

There are so many products advertised on the television, radio, magazines and even newspapers. It gets even worse when we go to the store, because all we see are shelves after shelves full of various cleaning products, each claiming to be the best at what they do. So which one do you buy? Surely, you cannot buy each and every product sold, so you need to narrow it down.

This article will highlight a few products which should be included in each household, and will also mention the areas on which they can be used.

The first product each household should have is bleach. Bleach is commonly sold and is a very famous product since it has been around for many many years. It is also competitively priced, making it one of the cheapest cleaning products to purchase.

Bleach can be used all over your home, from kitchens to bathrooms and even outdoor areas such as driveways and gardens. This property makes it one of the best products to own, since it means that you do not have to buy numerous products thus saving time purchasing, space during storage and most importantly, money.

Each household should also have a glass or window cleaner. These cleaners are specifically designed to not only clean your windows, but to leave them streak free which not many other products would do. Each home has windows which need to be cleaned from the outside as well as the inside. Although many people have window cleaners come and clean windows from the outside, we cannot neglect the inside. Mirrors also need to be cleaned so that they are streak and smudge free and window/glass cleaners will do this to the best standard.

If you do not wish to use bleach, a good toilet cleaner is needed. There are many products out there with many named brands regularly advertised such as Duck, Domestos, Flash, Harpic etc. Store’s own branded products are also sold, which will be significantly cheaper than the branded products. A more expensive product does not necessarily clean better, so do not purchase a product because it is branded or more expensive.

A good disinfectant is a must-have. It can be used to keep your home clean, which is what we want. But additionally, the disinfectant factor means that your home is also left germ free, making it a healthier environment for you and your family. Additionally, disinfectants often have floral or desirable smells, which can leave your home smelling fresh and desirable.

Laundry detergents are needed when washing clothes. It does not matter if you purchase this in liquid, tablet or powder form, but laundry detergents are a must! Although substances such as bleach, soda powder and stain removal powders can be added to a wash, it is never acceptable to wash clothes with just bleach, soda or stain remover. Neither is it acceptable to wash clothes with shower gel, washing up liquid or hand soap! Softener is optional although using softener has shown significant changes to the way the clothes felt and smelt. If budget is a problem, then there are many products now advertised which are two in one detergent and softener based. This means less hassle for you since you will not have to purchase separate items, but may also be friendlier to your wallet than buying these products separately. Doing some market research will soon answer this query.

There are many additional products such as furniture polish etc., which can be used. However, the above products are the basics that are needed to clean your home. The rest are just a bonus!


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