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Types Of Cleaning Products
Published on Sunday, 07 April 2013

Types Of Cleaning Products

Cleaning is the so called necessary evil of the house chores. It’s something that requires plenty of energy, sufficient time and quality products and supplies and it’s definitely nobody’s favourite task. That’s why so many cleaning agencies and businesses have emerged in the past decade – people simply have less and less time to clean and housekeeping services are in big demand everywhere, especially in big cities. Moreover, with such big office buildings, office cleaning and maid services will never be deemed useless.

One of the essential things for a good cleaning job is the product. Most jobs require a variety of cleaning equipment, supplies and products, but the result is definitely worth it. A big problem is the use of too many commercial products, which contain powerful chemicals and are more or less toxic. Non-green products are everywhere and we rarely stop to think how we are affecting the environment with these cleaning detergents. The market of cleaning products is vast and people are spoiled for choice. It seems that nowadays there is a product for literally any surface, material and type of stain. It makes it hard to choose the right cleaning solution and to see the difference it makes.

One of the toughest areas to clean at residential properties is the garage, which is often turned into a man’s cave and is full of all sorts of items. Often used as an additional storage space, the first thing to do is dispose of the waste and make sure you do it properly. Recycling is not something only factories should do – we are all responsible for the rubbish we make. Some of the most used products for cleaning garages are potentially toxic and contain caustic chemicals. These products have to be used in small amounts, always wearing gloves.
If you have wooden surfaces at home you’d like to take good care of, you need to look for a quality product which will prolong the life of the wood. More expensive wood requires a special cleaning product, which will give it this special shine it had when you first bought it. In the kitchen, most of us focus on cleaning grease stains off the baseboards, the appliances and the sink. When dealing with the fridge, it’s important to wash off as much of the buildup with water as possible. Use vinegar to deodorize the inside of the fridge and rub the shelves with a paste made of lemon and baking soda. The cleaning products can therefore be divided into a few basic categories – for cleaning dishes, for sensitive surfaces, for removing stain and spills, for the oven, for the counter-tops, for wooden cabinets and for appliances. Most of the products that are used for absorption of spills are potentially toxic, so you need to be careful when using them. Never mix them with other products and follow their instructions.

One of the toughest areas to clean in every house is the bathroom – rust, calcium, mold and lime are primary issues in the bathroom. Be careful with the amount of commercial product you use because any residue can ruin the tiles or attract more dirt. Avoid using basic cleaning chemicals or overly acidic chemical, because they can damage some sensitive surfaces.


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