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Top 10 tips on Getting Rid of Stains
Published on Sunday, 28 April 2013

Top 10 tips on Getting Rid of Stains

Stains are inevitable. They happen all the time and sometimes you just can’t avoid them. It is important, however, to try and get rid of them and knowing how is the crucial part. A good percentage of people do not know how to approach removing a stain. Many follow the same approach: scrub the stain with a wet cloth. Whilst this may seem like the appropriate method, it is in fact completely incorrect. It is right to say that many people end up worsening the situation because they do not know how to handle it appropriately. Therefore, we have assembled 10 top tips that will come in handy the next time a stain appears. Try these stain removal tips:

1.    Act immediately
As soon as a stain comes about, you should instantly attend to it whilst it is fresh. Do not leave it. This will only make it harder to remove in the long run. It is better to deal with the stain now whilst it hasn’t seeped too far into the material.

2.    Abide by the instructions
When using your stain removal products, it is vital that you follow the instructions so you know how to get the stain out. By ignoring the directions, you may just worsen the stain or even worse, ruin the material it has stained. As most of these types of cleaning products contain a lot of harsh chemicals, you need to know that you are using the right amount and in an appropriate way.

3.    Test
Before doing anything, make sure you test out your stain removal product to ensure that it won’t discolor your material or ruin it in any way.

4.    Don’t scrub
This is the mistake many people make when trying to remove stains. They scrub and rub at the stain instead of blotting. By scrubbing at the stain, you’re only spreading it and pushing it further into the material. Blot the stain instead.

5.    Don’t mix or overuse
Your cleaning products should not be mixed or overused. By mixing different chemicals you may do more harm than good. The same goes for using too much of your cleaning product. Only use the recommended amount.

6.    Be careful with bleach
If you decide to use bleach on the material to remove the stain it is crucial to use the appropriate bleach. Make sure you know what you are using.

7.    Wash after use
After you have used your cleaning products on the stained material, make sure you wash it off with clean water to remove residue.

8.    Wait
Removing stains can be time-consuming so you have to be patient. Some materials require repeated treatments so it is important not to rush the job. Give it time.

9.    Take it to an expert
If you can’t get rid of the stain yourself or if you just don’t want to risk worsening it, it would be wise to leave it to the professionals. They have the appropriate products and expertise to ensure that the stain is removed without a problem.

10.    Accept that some stains won’t leave
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, some stains simply won’t go. Some can’t be touched because of the type of the material and its color, and others simply won’t shift. When it comes to this, you really have to cut your ties with it and accept the fact that the stain can’t be removed. However, if you follow these top ten tips you may still have a chance to get rid of those nasty stains – these may just work.


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