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To Clean Or Not To Clean?
Published on Thursday, 13 February 2014

To Clean Or Not To Clean?

When you are thinking about the domestic cleaning, do you get that familiar sense of dread creeping up your spine? Do you avoid the housework and procrastinate with various little things until you finally have to crack and begrudgingly get on with it? Do you wish there was a better way? Well, of course there is, it’s the answer that many people all over the country use, and you’re likely well aware of it; professional cleaning services. Of course there are many sides to this story, as some people find themselves unable to afford the cost of a cleaning company, whilst also failing to find the time to clean, and the result is a dirty house. Failing to clean your home will end in disaster, and not just in how it all looks - dust and dirt carry bacteria and allergens that can be particularly harmful to children. Leaving your house to get dirty will only reduce the likelihood of you having a healthy existence, as well as raising the chances of you and your children developing allergies and even respiratory issues like asthma! So, have a look below for the pros and cons of cleaning yourself versus getting a professional cleaner in.

To start with, let’s see about cleaning without any help. There are many ways in which to tackle the domestic cleaning, and none of them are exactly pleasant. However, there are ways of making the job less time consuming and arduous, so it is worth giving them some thought rather than just throwing your money at someone else needlessly. For a start, when do you do your cleaning? Busy professionals, o single parents will often have to leave the main bulk of the cleaning until the weekend, as that is the only time that they get to do such a large amount of work. However, if you are able to fit the jobs in to the small gaps in your day, then you can get a lot more done in what seems like the same amount of time. Using solid and efficient equipment as well as cleaning more regularly to reduce dirt build up will help you to get each task sorted more quickly each time, which means that they can be slotted in between other more important things, like leaving for work, or getting the kids fed. Ultimately, it comes down to strict self-discipline; if you are waiting for the food to be done in the oven, why not hoover the living room?

If you are thinking about getting a domestic cleaner in, then there are many positive aspects to this as well. For a start, the experience that a professional cleaner will have will mean that they can get the whole house cleaned in a few hours, rather than spending the whole of a valuable Saturday doing it! This means that the amount that you spend will be less than the amount that you would work, and you get all of that free time because of it. Taking the house work out of the equation will certainly give you a lot more scope to pursue things like family life, or any hobbies that you may have. Simply freeing up weekends and not having to do chores after work will essentially give you a chance to be yourself a little more, no matter who is relying on you for other things. Is the cost of a cleaning professional and their experienced cleaning ability worth you relaxing a little more? It’s up to you.


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