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Tips to Deep Clean Your Carpets
Published on Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Tips to Deep Clean Your Carpets Vacuuming daily or weekly is not enough to thoroughly clean carpets. It only gets rid of dust and other solid particles but leaves behind moist and oily debris that comes from cooking, pets, the air and the bottoms of your feet. What you need is deep cleaning. Here are some tips to help freshen up your carpets.
Annual deep cleaning
Annual deep cleaning is enough for an average family. If you live alone or there are only two of you in the house, then you can do it every 18 months. Inversely, family of more than six members may need to clean carpets semi annually.
Get the right solutions
Some carpets that are treated with stain resistant chemicals should use a cleaner that's designed to work for this type of treatment. Otherwise, the cleaner might destroy the treatment and cause unsightly damage to your carpet.
Use less water
Excessive water use in carpet cleaning is a risky feat. If the water doesn't dry up in the next twenty four hours, it might develop mildew growth. Hence, use water sparingly, regardless of the interesting scents your cleaning solution gives off.
No residues
Soap residues are a common problem in carpet cleaning. To lessen the appearance of these unattractive marks, use cleaning solutions that has a PH of 9.
Let the experts handle it
If you are doubtful that you can deep clean your carpet or you are too busy to rent carpet cleaning equipment and make it work at home, hire a professional carpet cleaner. There are many experts that will clean your carpets for reasonable prices and give you satisfying results.

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