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Tips on How to Tidy up Your Home Well
Published on Monday, 17 May 2010

Tips on How to Tidy up Your Home Well
If you want to do house cleaning well you would need to plan things well. For instance, you should take care of the clutter first. You should check all surfaces, cabinets and even drawers for any excess and unwanted items. Put them in one container for disposal later. You should also separate toxic materials from safer items inside the house. This way, your household would be safer especially if there are children. With less clutter, cleaning would be easier too.
You can now proceed to the cleaning proper. But if you want your children to be safer and healthier, you can opt to use natural substances as cleaning materials. Baking soda and water, for instance, can be used as a cleaning solution for bathroom fixtures and the counter. You can also throw in a couple of tablets of Alka Seltzer into the bowl and let it be for an hour. After that cleaning the bowl would surely be easier.
While cleaning the house though, don't forget to change or at least clean rags and mops when it gets dirty. You will only be efficient in cleaning the house if you do so. Otherwise the dirt would only keep on coming back the surface. You should also start from the top and on areas that spreads dust and dirt most. This way, you will not have to clean an area twice. In the end, this will even allow you to save time and energy.

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