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Tips on How to Restore the Beauty of Your Lawn
Published on Monday, 19 April 2010

Tips on How to Restore the Beauty of Your Lawn Greens are relaxing. So if you have a beautiful lawn in your yard, you are sure to find a relief after a very exhausting day. But what if the beauty of your lawn has been destructed by the harsh condition during the winter season? Of course, you will need to restore it in order to bring back the life it gives to your place. The following tips cite how you are going to keep your lawn in perfect shape after being devastated by a harsh weather:   Use pre-emergent. This is to prevent the growing of broadleaf weeds in your lawn. Examples of these weeds are Nutsedge and Dandelion. You may also hire a local professional to do this job for you. They are trained on how to control weeds and to provide your lawn the fertilization it needs. Perform the "first mow" when spring season arrives. After the winter season, your lawn is sure to have several muddles on it such as leaves, winter weeds, and debris. So get your high-vac mower to pick up all of those trashes.Put down mulch or pine straw. To restore the fresh looks of your lawn, you need to keep its greens and prevent those unwanted weeds from growing by depriving them of their sunlight.   By doing all of those things, you are sure you give your lawn a total makeover after the ruins caused by the winter season. Then, you including your neighborhood will feel afresh again by just looking at the relaxing sight of your lawn.  

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