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Tips and Tricks for Getting a Clean Microwave
Published on Friday, 20 September 2013

Tips and Tricks for Getting a Clean Microwave

With all the food you cook for your family in your microwave, it’s no wonder it can become messy with food stains or unwanted odours. Cleaning your microwave can be a long and taxing job, but if it’s a job you dread then have a look at this list of handy hints and tips for easy and fast ways to clean your microwave.

1) One of the best ways to clean your microwave is to steam clean it. All you have to do for this is place a microwave-proof bowl of water in your microwave. Make sure you put in a wooden spoon or microwave-safe utensil to ensure you get the best results. Heat the bowl on full power for up to five minutes, depending on how caked-on your food stains are. This will create a similar effect to your steam-cleaner, making all the grime easy to wipe away with a clean cloth.

2) You should be wary of using harsh chemicals on appliances in which you cook food. If you find that heated water just isn’t enough to shift the food stains from your microwave, then don’t worry, there are still more natural and less chemical approaches to take! Cut a lemon or orange into quarters, or take the peel and simply place it in your microwave for one to two minutes on full power. Make sure the glass turntable plate isn’t in the microwave when you do this. The heat, combined with the antibacterial properties of citric acid, will give your microwave an all-natural steam clean. Then all that’s left to do is to wipe away the dislodged grease and food stains. Take a clean cloth and thoroughly wipe down the inside of your microwave to leave it looking as good as new!

3) If you find that you’re still struggling to remove grease or caked-on food from your microwave then you might want to try something a little more abrasive. Steam-clean your microwave as described in the first tip, but add in one or two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda to the bowl of water. Take a sponge or clean cloth to the mixture and use it to gently buff at the stains in your microwave. Be wary of the temperature of the water so you can avoid burning or scalding yourself!

4) Bicarbonate of soda is also a great and natural way you can get rid of unwanted food odours in your microwave. Following the same instructions as described in the third tip will deodorise your microwave making it smell as good as new.

5) Once the inside of your microwave is clean it’s time to make sure the outside of it is as well. Luckily this is an easy and simple job as well. Use a disinfectant spray, a general kitchen cleaning spray or even just washing liquid and lukewarm water to wipe down the front and sides of your microwave. Make sure you take care not to spray any products directly onto your microwave as this can tarnish or damage the surface of it. Instead spray your products onto a damp cloth or sponge to avoid any accidental damage!


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