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Tips and Techniques for Stain Removal
Published on Saturday, 18 August 2012

Tips and Techniques for Stain RemovalEven if you are extremely careful, it happens to drop something on a fabric and make a nasty stain. This happens when two materials don't interact well with one another and the contrasting mark that is created needs special treatment. The good news is that most stains can be removed with the right product and an immediate treatment. There is an overwhelming amount of information online on how to remove all sorts of stains from all kinds of surfaces. Here is some information, tips and techniques for removing stubborn stains.

This is a collective term for the variety of chemicals which are used for disinfecting, whitening and removing color. As a color removing and whitening agent, bleach is mostly used for removing stains from fabrics. For disinfection, it is commonly used for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. You can find three forms of bleach for clothing available on the market: powdered bleach, liquid chlorine and an all-fabric liquid. Bleach does miracles for removing stains from shower curtains, linen and cotton and other materials.

These laundry companions are perhaps the most popular cleaning products. They are produced as either liquid or powder. Detergents are recommended for cleaning stains from grass, bird droppings, stains from coffee, tea and blood. They are also used for shower curtains, curtains, carpets and upholstery. They don't pose any threat to people's health and are rather user-friendly. Having a variety of detergents at home is recommendable, because you never know what kind of stain you might have to treat.

Dry Cleaners.
Dry cleaners are solvents which are made of chemicals and no water. For fabrics which favor dry cleaning, that is a nice cleaning option. Dry cleaning saves a lot of time and effort on hand washing. Giving clothes or other household items (carpets, curtains, upholstery) for dry cleaning, it takes the pressure off you and you can simply enjoy the great results. Dry-cleaning machines and professional cleaners can wash big amounts for a short time. If you can afford dry cleaning, it's one of the easiest methods. It gives great results when treating stains from dye, ink, makeup and general stains on carpets and upholstery.

Pretreatment Agents.
The process of  stain removal sometimes requires a few stages of getting off the stain from the fabric, before the actual cleaning This is necessary for giving better final results. A pretreatment agent should be sprayed on the stain and left for a few minutes to reach the depth of the fabric and soak properly. After that the whole place is washed with bleach or a detergent.
Natural and Portable Stain Removers.

Portable stain removers are products which you can apply on the stain on the go. If you can't wash the stained clothing immediately, sprinkle some baking soda or pour some vinegar.

Removing Some Specific Stains.
•    Cooking oil stains: these don't always respond to standard treatment. Apply liquid detergent and leave it for 5-6 minutes, before you wash the stain under the hottest possible water. Check if the stain is still visible after the washing and dry.
•    Alcohol stains: Rinse the stain from the back using cold water. Rub liquid detergent gently into the clothing and leave it for 5 minutes before you rinse again. If the stain remains, soak the clothing in cold water and liquid detergent for half an hour.
•    Mud stains: Wait for it to dry or you would only smear it further. Vacuum the stain or simply shake it. Soak the clothing in a liquid detergent for 15 minutes and then gently rub off any remains of the mud.

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