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Time to Clean out Your Closet
Published on Monday, 19 November 2012

Time to Clean out Your ClosetOh no, is it time again? Do you feel like when I ever you open up your closet that you find nothing at all to wear. Everything is old, out of style or uncomfortable and on top of that everything lies higgledy-piggledy around the closet and you have no organization what so ever. It is time to clean it out, again. I know, you may feel that you have already done this not long ago, but cleaning it out can be genuine fun plus very refreshing. First off, you will need to start emptying the area. Throw all your clothes, shoes, hats and bags on the bed and simply ask yourself what you will be wearing in the future and what not. If it is hard, just ask yourself: "when was the last time I actually used this sweater?" and if the answer is a year or more, maybe it is time to say goodbye this time. Try the clothes on if you are not certain, maybe you have lost a few pounds in a couple of months and will be able to fit into those jeans you haven't been able to wear for a while. Once you see the clothes on, it will be like standing in the dressing room again at the shop, you always decide quickly if to buy it or not, instead now you decide whether to keep it or not.
If you feel that this process might be a bit too hard, thinking "oh but I might need this dress soon" or "I might fit into these trousers again", maybe you should bring in a helping hand in this part. Every time I am cleaning out my closet I always need my mother, sister or fiancée to help me out, watching me so that I don't save things I never use. They can tell you to put those items in the donate pile despite your protests. Even if you certainly cannot throw one thing away, then put it in a box and put it on the attic for a while until you have made up your mind. Also put the out of season clothes away. If it is winter, you may not need those shorts or blouses yet for another three months. Put them away and let them out when the warmth comes back. It will be a happy reunion. Instead of having to see those clothes day after day in the back of the closet.

Now, you have separated the things you are going to keep and the things that you are not. It is time to get rid of the things you don't want to keep. There are many shelters and other organizations that will gladly take your clothes. Some of them you can sell on eBay and some you can give away to friends. Do not throw them away. They are in better use elsewhere.

Try and use the closet as organized as you can. You can add hooks on to the doors where you can hang your belts and such. If you have had boxes with off season clothes in the closet, why not put them away in the attic and use the space for something more handy, like nicer dresses, shoes or bags that you may not use every day. Separate the hanging clothes in length. If you keep the shorter clothes hanging on one side you can have things standing under them and have easier access to them.

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