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Things to Consider when Deciding on a Carpet Cleaning Company
Published on Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Things to Consider when Deciding on a Carpet Cleaning Company

Whether your carpet is old, downtrodden, generally worse for wear, or one of your friends clumsily spilt a glass of red wine on your previously spotless carpet, then you may be in the market for a carpet cleaning service. There are plenty of different carpet cleaning companies no matter whereabouts you live in the country, all of which pride themselves on their professional nature and customer satisfaction. For if they didn't they'd soon be out of business. Below are some circumstances to consider when shopping around for a carpet cleaning service.

The paramount circumstance to consider is how much carpet do you need to be cleaned. If your friend, as previously mentioned, spilt that glass of red wine on your living room carpet then you will probably only need to get that room cleaned. Most carpet cleaning companies will do rates either by hour or by the type of room. For living rooms or dining rooms, for example, rates start at around £25 for that one room. Double bedrooms at around £20, stair around £2 per step, and hallways around £15. Of course these prices will vary on the company, but if you are charged much more than this, it is advisable not to go with that service, unless they are notorious for providing the best service around and your budget can stretch that far.

If, however, your need for a carpet cleaner does not stem from a beverage accident and you wish to have every square-inch of carpet in your house cleaned, then you will be charged by the hour, not the room. Hourly rates start from around £10 an hour, but you will most likely have to pay a call-out charge as well. This hourly-rate service can be extremely useful if you are in one-or-two positions. If, for example, you are moving out and know you will need a much cleaner carpet in order to get your deposit back, then hourly-rate carpet cleaning services are the suitable choice for you. If you don't hire them and search around for the cheapest service, then your landlord or estate agent will, and they'll do so with little concern for your finances. Perhaps you require all your carpets cleaned after you've had the builders in. A carpet cleaning company can provide this at prices a little steeper than their usual hourly-rates in order to get all of the dirt out. Or perhaps you feel your carpet is long overdue a clean.

Once you've reached a decision on whether you need a pay-by-room or a pay-by-hour service, you then have to go out and find a company to do it for you. When searching – either online, in person, or over the phone – remember to first check if the company is available on the day, or days, your require. After you've determined if they are, ask them what services they provide and at what rates. Get a quote but be sure not take it before you shop around for cheaper quotes. But, if the thought of carpet cleaning shopping seems boring and dull to you, and you aren't working to a strict-budget, then feel free to take the first quote you see so you can spend the rest of your day doing activities that are considerably more fun. When deciding on a quote, make sure you have feedback from other customers on the quality of service. This can be done through internet comparison websites, or through feedback from friends or family that have used the same service. It is then up to you to balance price and quality.


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