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The Winter Is Coming - Have You Cleaned Your Fireplace
Published on Friday, 11 January 2013

The Winter Is Coming - Have You Cleaned Your Fireplace

When people think of the approaching winter, the first thing that will appear in their minds is the Christmas holydays, the time spent with the family near the fireplace and the snow. But the coldest season is not only this. The fact that it can get really freezing out there is making the good preparation obligatory. As we have mentioned the fireplace and the cold weather it gets obvious that to think about the ways you will make your house warm is the most essential part of the preparation.

In the movies the fireplace is gathering the whole family laughing and sharing near the fire for long nice hours. In the real life someone has to take care for this fire to stay longer and everything to work perfectly.

When you have chosen to heat the house or apartment with a fireplace, you know you have made good choice, because it will be warm enough and look cozy at the same time. However fire can make the things very dirty and if you have to clean your fireplace for the first time, there are some essential things to remember and some important parts of it that should not be missed.

What you first may think of is the chimney and the way the fume goes away from the fireplace. You should know that the substance that has been accumulated in the chimney during the time you have used the fireplace is very dangerous and very easily flammable. It is called creosote and has to be removed only from professional staff. So hire a company to do the job instead of you in order to escape future problems.

You, on the other hand, can do all the rest as you carefully inspect all the other parts of the fireplace one by one. The firebox will be the first to start with. It is the place where the fire is, as it is obvious from the name. Usually made from metal or bricks, it is actually very easy to be cleaned. Due to the fact that the fire is just in it, it actually keeps it clean and there is the place where there will be least for you to do. You can gently brush the walls of the firebox with a brush. You can do it with any type of brush except a wire one. When you have bricks you have to be very gentle because they can crumble easily. If the walls are not too dirty, you can just sweep the big ash and vacuum the place.

For the fire screen use different detergents according to if it is made from brass or painted metal.

The glass enclosures have to be cleaned more often than any other part of the fireplace. Do it after every fire and thus you will remove any residue of soot, which will spoil the look of the glass. You can only clean the inner part, which is facing the fire.

The grate and the fireplace tools, which you use, have to be sprinkled with abrasive detergent and scrubbed with a brush or soap pad.

In the end few advices can be given in order to take better care for the fireplace and make things a lot easier. If you decide to vacuum near it, wait until at least twelve hours are past from the last thing burnt in the fireplace. When you buy woods and put them in the fire, make sure they are well-dried. Thus you will prevent the accumulation of the dangerous creosote. When you want to stop the fire, use water only in emergency cases. The water and the ashes make a paste that is very hard to be removed and cleaned. 

Before you start any cleaning, sprinkle damp coffee ground so they will make the ashes stay down and the place much clearer.


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