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The Smartest and Wisest Cleaning Tips and Techniques
Published on Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Smartest and Wisest Cleaning Tips and Techniques
Of course, you would want to have techniques on how to easily and perfectly clean your house in just a snap of a finger. Well, these smart and wise techniques and tips can practically get you into cleaning all parts of the house in just a snap:
Go and check out the kitchen if you have vinegar.  Did you know that vinegar is one of the best kitchen ingredients that can help you have a shiny and glittery window?  Yes, all you need to do is to crush a black and white scrap paper, put some vinegar onto it, and then rub the paper onto the window.  After a while, rub the glass window using a fine, soft cloth and voila!  You have a shiny and glittery window.When your ceiling or wall is filled with paper stickers and you can hardly pull them off, the best way to remove these from the wall or ceiling is to sprinkle some white vinegar on the wall with paper stickers and then let it stay there for about a minute.  When you see the paper sticker separating from the wall, get a knife and scrape it off.  To have crystal looking blinds, soak them on a basin of bleaching soap and let the blinds stay there for about 15 minutes.  After that, rinse the blinds and have it dried up.  You will notice that the blinds are extra shiny and pearly.
Trust these smart and wise cleaning tips and you will never go wrong in cleaning your house. 

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