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Steps to Follow When Spring Cleaning Your Lawn
Published on Saturday, 15 January 2011

Steps to Follow When Spring Cleaning Your Lawn Springtime has come and it's time for spring cleaning once again. While many people concentrate mainly on the interiors. Do not forget to include the outdoors too. After all, it is what people first see before they enter your home. Even strangers see your outdoors.
The first step is to clear your yard. Using a rake you can effectively clear out fallen leaves and branches. It's even easier and faster to do so rather than simply picking up the scattered leaves and branches. Then you have to pull out the weeds that have grown. You can either hand pick them or use pre and post emergent herbicides. If the weeds have grown around close to your favorite plants, you would need to be careful in picking the weeds out. Caution should be taken so that the roots of your plants would not be damaged though. 
For mowing, you can also use a manual grass cutter or a mower machine. To save money you can use whichever of the two is available at home. If you are going to use a mower, make sure that you tune it up first so there would be minimal hassles later on when you use it.
When the yard is cleared, it is time for applying fertilizer then. Make sure that you are using one the right amount of fertilizer though. Applying too much could also damage the soil. You also have a choice between natural fertilizers such as compost and the chemical fertilizers available in the market. After that you can again plant new plants. Just make sure that you arrange them well so your yard would look great.

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