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So You Want to Start a Cleaning Business?
Published on Wednesday, 15 August 2012

So You Want to Start a Cleaning Business?The first thing to do is to have a walk through the city. Any administrative building, school, university, office building or hospital needs regular cleaning services. More and more owners and managers trust cleaning companies with the maintenance of their office premises or even homes. Therefore, starting a cleaning business, which specializes in both commercial and residential cleaning is a wise idea. Such a business can bring in considerable profit, if you manage to develop it properly. Just like any other business, you need a good business strategy, advertisement and a team of professionals.

By deciding to start a cleaning business, you need to get accustomed to the idea that you are the boss, i.e. your leader, communication, administrative, strategy and organizational skills will have a direct influence on the success of the business. Above all, you should consider what the client needs and if there is a gap for a specific cleaning service in town. If all your competitors offer the same, you may need to think of adding an additional service. This will give you the chance to bring in something new, find clients and stand out in this business field.

As an owner of a newly established business you must be prepared to deal with plenty of competition, work long hours and even work at night and at weekends. However, you need to work the hardest especially in the beginning, or you won't be able to make it. If you want to hire staff, make sure you spend enough time evaluating and interviewing candidates. A great deal of whether your business will succeed depends on the people you hire to do the job. Be selective and meticulous, if you must, but do not compromise with the staff.

Every business has a small beginning and a cleaning business is no exception to that rule. Most cleaning companies start at home and only with the basic cleaning supplies and tools. In the beginning you will get recommended mostly by word-of-mouth and friends. What you can do to speed up the process of finding clients is to print out brochures, leaflets and business cards. A website is also a must and should outline clearly your services and costs. Once you get your first client, it is entirely up to you whether you will keep them for long and attract more, or you would fail. Invest in good cleaning supplies and make sure your staff is trained properly, works fast and efficiently. They will be your representatives, so make sure you treat and reward them well. With a bit of persistence, hard work and the right advertisement you can quickly seal a deal. It's easier to get clients in new buildings, so look for those in and around town. Be focused on success and providing quality services and this will be appreciated. This is a business which can guarantee you a steady income from plenty of clients. Don't think that you will be able to get everything done on your own. If you want your business to really grow, you will eventually have to hire more staff and subcontractors. Your major work should be to monitor the people who work for you and to deal with the marketing and advertisement side of the business. Remember that if you work hard, you will have more luck on your way.

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