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Removing Blood Stains With Meat Tenderising Liquid
Published on Friday, 09 May 2014

Removing Blood Stains With Meat Tenderising LiquidBlood is one of the most difficult to remove stains, and you will often discover it much too late to get rid of easily. Once the blood has dried, the pigment is extremely hard to loosen, and this makes for a tough stain to get out of fabrics in particular. There are many methods of removing various stains, but it is always good to have a go to trick for tough stains like blood, grass and all sorts of other different stains that are really hard to get rid of. In this case, knowing how to get rid of tough dried in blood stains will save you having to throw out cloths after accidents or nose bleeds, which can be particularly common amongst children, especially on the playground! You should be aware that using meat tenderizer is like using a couple of the other cleaning methods that break down proteins, like digestive enzymes and ammonia. These products are great for blood stains, as they break down the main structure of the stain, but will also do the same for fibers that are protein based, which wool and silk fibers are. For such materials, it is rare that you would use anything other than the greatest care, but it is still important that you are aware of the dangers inherent in such cleaning methods. If you are ever in doubt then take the garment to a dry cleaner to see what they think, and ensure that you don’t risk messing up your favorite things! Before you apply any of the stain removing methods, you need to ensure that you are dealing solely with the stain, which means removing any excess. You also need to keep the stain wet to prevent it drying out and setting in before the techniques can be applied, so you must first scrape of any residue mess, being careful not to spread the stain any further than the area it inhabits, and then dab out as much liquid as possible, whilst never letting it dry out. As the water is added, the stain will hopefully give up more, and each dab will draw more and more pigment from the stained area, leaving it much less strongly colored when you come to apply the tenderizer. Meat tenderizer comes in seasoned and unseasoned varieties. Use the unseasoned one, as the seasoned variety can stain the fabric severely, and would smell like herbs and spices! You will find that one part tenderizer to two parts water will be right for making a paste that you can apply to the stained area. Spread the paste over the stained area, and leave it there for an hour or so, to do its work. The enzymes will break down the blood stain, and the paste should absorb it as it does so. Once you have left it there for an hour or two, rinse off the paste with cool water, as hot water can ‘cook’ the stain in. Wash the fabric on a cool wash, or launder with soap and water, again, ensuring that you don’t allow the stain to get too hot. When you come to dry the fabric, do so in an airy room, rather than tumble drying, as this will only set any remaining stain in to the fabric, leaving it nigh on impossible to get rid of! The hope is that the tenderizer will have broken down the stain enough to allow the laundering of the fabric to pull the remainder away from it.

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