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Quick Cleaning Tips
Published on Friday, 16 November 2012

Quick Cleaning TipsCleaning a house or a flat on a regular basis is nobody's favourite chore, but it has to be done eventually. We often postpone cleaning until the weekend because it takes too much time otherwise. However, this way you end up spending a lot of time catching up with the cleaning over the weekend. It can often feel frustrating when you need to do the cleaning, the laundry and cooking during your free time. Instead of doing that, it is better to learn how to clean on the move. If you get used to dealing with stains as you go and to do quick cleaning up during the work week, you will have a cleaner and tidier home and you will feel much freer at the weekend. Here are some basic tips for a quick cleanup which you could easily utilize.

•    Motivate yourself: This is a serious setback when cleaning as we all tend to lack the proper motivation for it. Tell yourself that if you spend 5 minutes every day on small cleaning chores nyou won't have to clean at the weekend or you will only spend another 5 minutes. Play some upbeat music while cleaning to feel more energetic. Try to do some cleaning and then sit and relax. Don't procrastinate as this will only result in a dirtier home. As soon as you notice a dirty spot, grab a clean towel or a paper towel and wipe it out. Treating stains immediately after they are causes is the number one rule for removing any kind of spot.

•    Get organized: This is your home and if you want it to be clean, tidy and welcoming you need to be aware of the areas that need to be taken care of regularly. Dust the furniture and wash the sink, tidy up the living room and the bedrooms. Take care of clutter regularly and you will be living in a much cleaner and cozier home. Always start cleaning an area that you least like dealing with. Vacuum and mop more than once a week. You don't have to be too meticulous, but quickly vacuum the areas with the most traffic in your home.

•    Don't waste time: If you have planned to clean the oven or the countertops but they are clean, don't clean just for the sake of cleaning and spend time on another area. Once the oven is dirty, clean it, but don't do it just because it's part of your schedule for the day.

•    Get help: If you want to clean quickly, get some help from the members of your family. Distribute the chores and concentrate on a harder one for a few minutes. Let your children tidy up, dust or ask them to wash the terrace. These chores are not that hard and if everyone helps somehow, cleaning won't seem like a huge weekend burden for everybody. Make a schedule so everyone does a little every day.

Other tips:
•    Don't use too much cleaner as it can damage the surface or the residue will attract more dirt and grime.
•    Let the cleaning solution soak for a few minutes before wiping and deal with other stains in the meantime. Even the best cleaning product doesn't work immediately so be patient.
•    Always wipe and dust from top to bottom.
•    Don't mix cleaners especially commercial products.
•    If you are using a strong cleaning product put on gloves.

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