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Making Your Cleaning Chores Eco-Friendly
Published on Friday, 15 November 2013

Making Your Cleaning Chores Eco-Friendly

More and more often, people are discovering the effects humans are having on the planet. From emissions, pollution, using up resources, culling rainforests and more, humans have greatly damaged the Earth. As we move forward, we aim to find new ways or lessening our affect, as well as seeking methods of restoring that which we have destroyed. This can be done is many ways, from introducing strict pollution laws, cutting down on emissions, producing more recycled goods, finding and utilising alternative energy sources and more.

These methods of helping the environment are those done on a large scale, so it may seem unlikely that the average person can do for the planet, however, there are many options open to them. This can include using recycled goods and taking part in a recycling programme, installing solar panels, driving a hybrid car, carpooling, not wasting goods, switching off electronics when they are not being used. You can even make your life greener when you handle your cleaning chores. These tasks are usually stressful and take up lots of time and energy, so adding new aspects into the mix doesn’t seem practical or desirable, however they can bring many benefits.

The first aspect of eco-friendly cleaning you can bring to your routine is recycling. Rather than throwing away used and unwed goods, you can have them transformed into news items, cutting down on the use of materials and resources. This can be done thanks to a local programme in your area, in which you will have containers to place things inside. Put the right objects such as bottles, tins, paper, etc into the right container and put them out when they are to be colleted. Don’t forget that recycling bins will be scatted around your area where you can deposit bottles, clothes and more. If you have large items or a large amount of goods, you can take them to your local recycling depot, which may even come and collect things for you.

There are other ways of recycling without getting rid of items so they can be remade. You can simply reuse goods so that you do not have to purchase other items and new things don’t have to be reproduced, saving materials being used, processes being carried out and even saving you money. If you get a box from a product and it’s in good condition, keep a hold of it, and you can put other items in it later. This can also apply to clothes, so if you have something you no longer like or doesn’t fit but is in a decent state, then git it others. Don’t forget, to reduce clutter and the amount of cleaning chores in your home without throwing away goods you can sell them using second hand sores, markets, local newspaper and the internet. This will enable you to get rid of items in an environmentally friendly way and make you some money. You can also take the similar route of donating items to charity stores, which allows you to help others as well as the environment.

Cutting down on the chemical laced detergents and bleaches you use can also aid the planet. The use and production of these items cerates fumes which is damaging to the environment. By using less of them or switching to alternatives, you can make a difference. Consider household cleaning remedies such as baking soda and contemplate purchasing a steam cleaner.

Helping the environment through your cleaning has many benefits for you, the planet and others, so go green today.


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