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Make Your Own Carpet Cleaning Solution
Published on Wednesday, 07 November 2012

Make Your Own Carpet Cleaning SolutionCleaning is not a favourite house chore for most people, but it needs to be done regularly. In order to clean properly we often have to invest in good detergents and special cleaning products. Moreover, sometimes washing and vacuuming is just not enough and we need to consider dry or steam cleaning. When you have carpets in all your rooms, it can be hard to pay for dry cleaning every time. A combination of vacuuming and using a carpet cleaning solution usually does the trick. However, it can be expensive to get the best commercial cleaning products and treat all your carpets with them. Fortunately, there is another solution - you can clean all your carpets without spending money on carpet cleaning products in the shops and still get great results. You might be thinking that there is no such option, but there really is. You can prepare your own cleaning product that you can use for your carpets and rugs and you don't have to spend a big budget at all. The solution is a mixture of water, vinegar or ammonia. Mix one part of vinegar or ammonia with four parts of warm water and your carpet cleaning solution is ready to be used. You may ask why you should bother preparing this if you can simply buy a ready-made product. There are a few reasons to consider.

First of all, this is a cheap option. Most of us clean our carpets about once or twice a year. During spring cleaning is the most popular time for carpet cleaning, but that's when we spend money on many other things: paint, new furniture, other cleaning detergents or professional cleaning services. Adding to this the carpet cleaning products can really make the total amount go up. If you can save up from that and still clean your carpets like the professionals, why not? Vinegar and ammonia are cheap products, so you can buy more of them, mix them with water in a bucket and get down to business.

Another reason for preparing your own cleaning product is because it is easy. Instead of going to the department store to buy a carpet cleaning solution, you can spend a couple of minutes making yours at home, with products you already have in your kitchen. After you prepare the product apply some of it on the stains on the carpet. Wait a few minutes for the product to penetrate the fibers and then scrub the area.

The third reason for making such a product, instead of buying one is because it is effective. The ingredients in some of the commercial cleaners can damage certain items, so it's best to be tried on a hidden spot first. The mixture of water and ammonia or vinegar is tried and tested and cannot ruin a carpet or a rug. This homemade solution will give you the same results as the professional one. The mix will remove dirt, dust and stains from your carpet within a few minutes.

This is not the only natural cleaning solution you can prepare at home; there are many other products from your kitchen that successfully clean various surfaces and textures. One of them is baking soda, which can be sprinkled on a carpet the night before and then vacuumed. It will remove any bad odor and give out a fresh smell. Be innovative and save money with this easy cleaning solution and you won't regret it.

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