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Lemons - Nature's Natural Home Cleaner
Published on Friday, 18 October 2013

Lemons - Nature's Natural Home Cleaner

When you buy a cleaning product nowadays, you will often see that it has certain warnings on the back. Words like ‘harmful’ are really not the adjectives that you want to be using to describe the nature of something that you are covering the house in, so what are the alternatives? Well, Eco friendly cleaners are now very much more available than they used to be, but they are also extremely expensive, so what does a home cleaner do if they need to get things feeling fresh, but without the harmful content, or the hefty price tag? You may have noticed that a lot of these potentially unsafe cleaning products have an artificial lemon scent. It is a smell we find synonymous with feeling fresh, clean and zesty, and this must have come from somewhere, surely?

it is because the lemon is a natural cleaning product, and one that you can use at home as easily as you would any other product, but without the need for expensive materials or any risk of harming the environment, because lemons are part of it. The high acidity content in a lemon provides a natural disinfectant that is also a great smelling solution, as you do not need to wash it off. This saves water as well as leaving your home smelling fresh and lemon scented, without the artificial sting of the regular cleaning product. Lemons can be combined with vinegar and baking soda to give you a great set of household cleaners that are fine for the environment, and great for your home life, as you and your family will not be surrounded by harmful chemicals.

Cut a lemon in half, and ass a little baking powder. The lemon half will act as a great scrubbing tool for cleaning dishes. The baking sofa is carbonated, and will foam up, giving a higher attack rate when it comes to shifting tougher marks and stains. You can also apply this technique to certain surfaces, like around the hob, to degrease the area. Be careful of using lemon on marble or granite however, as they are surfaces with a less resistant quality, and can be worn away by the lemon’s natural acidity.

Lemon juice can be used neat as well, and sprayed over surfaces just as you would any other product. The lemon will kill germs and act as a natural disinfectant, as well as removing grease. You can add lemon to olive oil to develop a natural polish for wood flooring that will smell amazing, just try not to eat it! Salt and lemon can be combined in order to remove stains from clothes, even blood! Just dab the combination on to the stain and leave alone for a bit, then wash off.

Making up a paste of two parts bicarbonate of soda and one part lemon juice will give you a thick and powerful cleaning agent that can replace a cream cleaner in your home, especially in the bathroom. Applying this paste can remove soap scum from baths and sinks, and limescale from taps. Just apply the paste and leave it to do the work, then scrub any particularly bad areas with a flannel or rough sponge, and rinse. If you have plated taps, you should not use lemon juice, as they will be damaged by the corrosive nature of the acid in the lemon.

The world needs greener cleaners like you, so get your lemons out and start right away to keep your home lemon fresh, and your planet a lot better for it!


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