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Kitchen and Bathroom - the Germs' Paradise
Published on Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Kitchen and Bathroom - the Germs' Paradise Cleaning the kitchen is not easy. The number one enemy is grease. Before you start fighting with it, remove all small household appliances, to be sure that on the coffee or teapot is not hiding enemy number two - bacteria.

Wash working surfaces and the kitchen sink. Spray or pour a disinfectant in the sink and fill plums with a special antiseptic. Leave for 10 minutes to kill all harmful bacteria and viruses. Meanwhile, wash the kitchen counter and a table with a disinfectant. After that, scrub the sink with a sponge, rinse with water and wipe dry. Return to the table and also wipe it with a dry cloth. Walk with a broom. Broom will collect dirt and dust, as a result will make wet cleaning more effective. Wipe the fridge handle - it takes a few seconds and disinfectant spray to get rid of bacteria. Wash floors. In order to have really clean floors, the water will not be enough, so add to water concentrated liquid for cleaning.

Wipe down appliances. Walk with a wet cloth and cleaning universal spray throughout the kitchen, rubbing all surfaces.
Wash the front kitchen. Wipe from top to bottom the whole kitchen, using a soft sponge or cloth and soapy water. If the front is wooded you'll need a special wax.

Wash with the inside technique: to get rid of the smell in the refrigerator, wipe the inside with  warm solution of baking soda in water. Clean the oven and microwave. Use a plastic scraper or old credit card to scrape the remains of burnt food on walls.
Move the purity of the drawers. Gather the crumbs and spices scattered inside the kitchen drawers and clean with a damp cloth.

Another challenge is the bathroom. Start with tub and sinks, mirrors and faucets. Leave them for 10 minutes with detergent and put all the cosmetics, gels and shampoos in a pox, cleanse the shelves with warm water and place back only the new and full cosmetics. Rinse-off products from the bath and sink with the strong pressure of the shower.

Wash the bathroom together with the hallway rug. Wash curtains and hang up clean towels.
Use a strong chlorinating detergent for the toilet handle and leave it for a few minutes. Wash off with the brush with same disinfectant. Use a damp cloth soaked in ammonia for the toilet seat and toilet lid. Throw the tissue, never use it again.
Disposable gloves sold in batches of 50 pieces are very handy when cleaning the bathroom and toilet. They are much more hygienic than ordinary rubber gloves, which should be disinfected and processed.

A good floor mop helps with the home work. The times of old shirts and pants are over. In any store you can find a dozen different types of rags and mops. They collect fine dust and dirt, absorb water and are very easily squeezed out, do not leave lint and traces and have long comfortable handles. It is worth to try one of them in fact instead of returning  home with unwanted rags.

Rags and floor wipes can be made from 100% cotton, viscose, cellulose, a combination of natural and synthetic fibers, as well as polyester and non woven materials. In addition, there is the mysterious "micro fiber".

The best choice for anyone who loves all the solidity and prefers a light wet cleaning and high-quality long materials are cotton mops. With their ability to absorb and retain moisture cotton will be better than most synthetic and natural fibers. But the ability to clean the surface in the first place is still very important. So pay attention to the cloth, which is present in addition to cotton polyester.

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