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Keeping Your Roof Free from Algae
Published on Saturday, 10 April 2010

Keeping Your Roof Free from Algae
Roof algae is a common occurrence on any type of roof whether it is made of cedar shakes, asphalt or concrete tiles. These organisms might not appear to cause problems at first but as they multiply, they can actually result to slow but sure corrosions.  They normally grow more on the northern part of the roof.  If the roof is overshadowed by branches from a nearby tree, it could also induce the algae growth.
Remember that the problem regarding roof algae should be addressed at an early stage. Professional help might be needed to remove this clingy stuff. Professionals will have a way of cleaning your roof without causing too much damage.
Roof cleaning is an important and detail-oriented task. For this, each and every shingle should be inspected to make sure it will be free from roof algae. Some of the most common cleaning materials used are sodium hydroxide and chlorine bleach solution. These mixtures should be handled with great care to avoid any adverse results.
Additionally, to maintain the cleanliness of your roof, regular inspection must be done. Cleaning operations should also be repeated every few years.
At the end of the day, cleaning your roof is a great way to ensure that you get to keep an important part of your home for many years. After all, your roof protects you from the sun, rain and hail so taking care of it is definitely a must.

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