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How To Wash Your Patio Without Straining Yourself
Published on Thursday, 18 September 2014

How To Wash Your Patio Without Straining Yourself Patios are one of the first parts of the house to get dirty: after all they are completely exposed to the elements of nature and all it takes is a single storm to cover your patio in grime and dust. Patios are hard to clean because they are so large and they get dirty so easily and so frequently. And yet, you cannot do without patio cleaning because it affects the appearance and atmosphere of your home. Unlike most other home cleaning tasks, patio cleaning is not something you can do in small bursts and in between other chores. It takes time and planning and so, most people prefer to hire cleaning agencies to have their patios cleaned. If you are one of those brave hearts who wants to clean their own patios, it is important to know how to do so correctly. Just jumping into the project headlong without a plan or the right tools can cause you a lot of grief: cleaning the patio might take forever, it will definitely tire you out, you could get hurt or strained along the way and you might even end up doing some damage to your home. In this article we have some great advice from cleaning contractors on how to wash your patio without straining yourself. To begin with, all professional cleaners stress on the importance of having the right tools for the job. With the proper equipment you can really cut down on the time and effort that the project needs. Some of the patio cleaning tools that you will need are: a yard broom with stiff bristles, patio cleaner caustic fluid, cleaning detergent and a pressure washer that is intended for use on patios. You will also need some builders cleaning tools such as a mortar joint rake ad a brick jointer tool. It goes without saying that when you are purchasing these cleaning tools it is understood that you know how to use them. If you don’t have experience using patio cleaning equipment, please hire a cleaning agency or at least request professional cleaners to lend a hand and oversee your work.   Carve out a decent amount of time for cleaning the patio. Most domestic cleaning projects require at least a few hours on an end. Cleaning companies recommend setting at least one full day over the weekend aside for the project. This is not the kind of task that you can rush through and if you try to do so you are going to end up very exhausted and probably dissatisfied with the results. Before you can begin washing and scrubbing the patio you need to prepare it properly. Remove anything that you might have on and around the patio, including all your patio furniture, any outdoor equipment, any potted plants or even hanging plant pots and so on. You cannot begin washing the patio until it is completely empty. Prepping the patio also involves removing any plant growth on the patio. If you hire a cleaning company they will always set aside some time for removing weeds and moss. If you have purchased a mortar joint rake, as advised, this step will be much easier. Making sure that the patio is absolutely clear and free of any obstructions and items will help speed up the cleaning process. Use the broom to sweep the entire area and get rid of any loose debris that might get in your way underfoot. Once all these steps are taken care of you can start washing the patio using the pressure washer. Professional patio cleaning companies advise working in small manageable sections and spraying, brushing and rinsing in stages as this is more manageable and won’t tire you out as quickly.

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