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How to Remove Rust Stains Off the Carpet and Others
Published on Friday, 24 August 2012

How to Remove Rust Stains Off the Carpet and OthersRust is a big issue for your carpets when it gets on them by accident. This happens when a metal piece of furniture or similar object becomes rusty and has a contact with your carpet. Many homeowners are quite protective of their carpets and constantly worry whether someone will spill a glass of red wine or their children will scratch it with pens. Moreover, homeowners often assume they can clean a carpet as efficiently as a professional carpet cleaner. However, this is rarely the case and one should know how to deal with various stains as soon as they notice them. Rust on the carpet causes a bad stain which is hard to get rid of and needs proper treatment.

So what do you need to do when you notice a rust stain on your carpet? This could be tough to clean it straight away but luckily it's not unmanageable. Make sure you check out an easy step-by-step guide, such as the one below - it will help you remove all the rust stains that have accumulated on your carpet.

•    Don't panic, but simply pour some lemon juice on the stain. You should use a bottle with spray for that purpose. Apply enough amount and allow some time for the stain to soak it in, approximately 5 minutes.
•    After that, beging blotting the stain by using a clean colourless towel or cloth, in order to do away the lemon juice you have sprayed. This will transfer part of that rust to the cloth. Keep on with the blotting activity until you remove any traces of lemon juice. In case that the stain is still persistent after this step, continue with the following steps to make sure you remove the whole stain.
•    Prepare a cleaning mixture of one teaspoon of laundry non-bleach detergent and ¾ l. water. After you have made this cleaning product, take a spraying bottle and apply enough amount of it which will cover the stain. Allow five more minutes for it to soak, before you continue with the following step.
•    Take a different piece of clean towel and start bloting the entire area. This time, you should notice that a bigger part of the rust stain is fading while you are blotting. Continue blotting until the whole rust spot is gone or until the entire product is soaked into the carpet.
•    Take a glass of water and spill it over the remaining rust spot. Then take some paper towels and put them on the stain. Take a heavy book and put it on top of that. Wait for one or two hours and after that take away the book and the towels. The rust stain should be gone by then.
•    If you don't have the time or the products, simply buy a commercial rust remover product and apply it on the stain.
•    An additional tip for removing rust stains is from clothes. You can use lemon juice and salt which are readily available, aren't toxic and give great results. You should sprinkle the salt on the rust stain and then squeeze some lemon juice. Leave the garment out in the sun for it to dry. The safest way is to use a rust removal product, which you can buy in a grocery shop, because with it you don't have to worry about the fabric and whether you could ruin it.

Rust stains are a true nightmare for any homeowner, but following these simple tips you will manage to clean them easily.

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