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How to Make Your Own Cleaning Checklist
Published on Sunday, 31 January 2010

How to Make Your Own Cleaning Checklist
It is very difficult to clean a very dirty and disorderly house.  As much as possible, never allow dirt, dust, and clutter to accumulate inside the house so you can enjoy an easier time in cleaning your home. 
To make sure that you can clean the house regularly, you have to learn how to create a cleaning checklist.  A checklist will help you to tackle big clean-up jobs to make them more manageable.  So here is a simple method to create your own cleaning checklist.
The first thing you have to do when creating a checklist is to divide the house into different areas.   Each room is one area and it should be divided into different segments.  This segmentation will help you to break down your clean-up job into small manageable tasks.
Next, you need to make a visual inspection of each area of the house.  Make sure to note the fixtures, furniture, and appliances in each area.  You have to list them and identify the required tasks to clean them properly. 
Lastly, assign different cleaning schedules for each area.  Your cleaning job would be much easier if each room and each segment of the house can be cleaned on a regular basis. 

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