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How to Make your Kids Help you at Home - Start in an Early Age
Published on Monday, 14 January 2013

How to Make your Kids Help you at Home - Start in an Early Age

Do you have a house and you feel like you are the only one cleaning it, even if it lives three youngsters there too? You are not alone. Many parents are stuck with lazy kids that comes with any excuse they can not to give you a helping hand around the house. This article will give you some advice on how you can make your kids start taking responsibility.

Of course it is smart to start disciplining your children as soon as possible. Small children wants to do things themselves but the years go by and the older they get the smaller the interest gets. But if you give that small child the opportunity to help you out after its own ability, after a while it is given for them to help even in an older age. In addition, you are doing your kids a favor - participation in the family chores is great for the whole family unit as well as the child's self-esteem. It lets your child understand that its participation contributes to its family’s well fare and it is a practice for future cooperation.

Two years olds are little helpers who like to cook, do the dishes, sort their toys and learn to hang up his jacket themselves. Let your child be a part of what he or she likes to do like helping you sort the vegetables while making dinner or maybe start the washing machine and lavish it with commendation. That way it will be fun and your child will eventually obviously help you out in the future, even with boring chores. Of course, when the child is at this young age, things would go a lot smoother if you did the chores yourself, but be patient. You will thank yourself later.

Children have abilities that we have to bring forward instead of considering them as kids for too long. Children are talented and love to learn and you are the teacher that will have to teach your child to be a part of a family. It takes a long time to learn to be decent, but if the child is involved from an early age. So start on the floor, let your child sort their blocks and let them know that it is important that when they are done playing, they will have to remove the blocks. This so that no one else trips on them or if their sibling wants to play they won’t have to meet a messy playground.

When the kids come up in an early school age you can increase the chores at home, now they can have their own responsibility like cleaning their room and make sure it looks okay; otherwise they can forget their allowance when the weekend arrives. Keep up the positive mood and reward and maybe even help them out with the cleaning at first and then gradually they can take it over.

The attitude to housework is influenced by you as a parent so it is important to keep that in mind. If you go around and sigh about the fact that you have to clean and say things like you hate doing laundry or hoover, chances are that your child will do the same.

Cleaning should be something fun and something that you do together and everyone's contribution is important. Try to motivate yourself and realize that cleaning prepares children for adulthood. Someone that has never cleaned their room by themselves are often at risk to be more lazy and irresponsible as an adult. Facilitate things by reward yourself and your family after a cleaning day, for example, preparing something fun for everyone to look forward to when it is done.
Last but not least, set moderately high demands, you have more responsibility than your kids and if you are a cleaning freak that needs everything to be neat, do not expect your child to have the same expectations. Everything in moderation.


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