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How to Maintain a Clean and Healthy House
Published on Wednesday, 28 April 2010

How to Maintain a Clean and Healthy House
While you cannot stop dirt and dust from coming into your home, you can do something to minimize it. The thing is dust and other dirt particles generally come from outside. So before you concentrate on cleaning the interiors of your home, you should make an effort to clean the exteriors first. You should clean pathways, driveways, sidewalks and porches always. By doing so, you minimize the dust, small rocks and other dirt particles so less dust and dirt go inside the house too.
Since such dirt stick to the soles of shoes and other footwear, you could also place mats on the doors. If you do this, most of the dust will be trapped in the mats before it enters your home. Do the same in all entrances and exits of the house. Make sure you don't forget to clean the mats too as they would be the source of dirt too.
To effectively get rid of the dust that slips through to your house. You should use a vacuum cleaner that has high filtration. You could also use wet clean cloth to wipe the dirt of surfaces. The floors would need to be wiped using a wet mop. Even the mops need to be cleaned regularly so the dirt will be discarded.

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