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How To Keep Your Patio Looking Its Best
Published on Friday, 04 July 2014

How To Keep Your Patio Looking Its BestEveryone wants their home to look clean and tidy, and why should your front or back garden be any different? Your patio or patio areas can easily become stained, worn-looking or even mouldy over time, which can age your home considerably. If you want to keep your patio looking its best then here are some tips to get you off to the best start!1)    Keep your patio clear.Keep your patio looking as good as new by ensuring that it’s always free from clutter! Pack away garden furniture when it’s not in use, and don’t leave outdoor toys outside when it can be avoided! If your patio is often cluttered then you might want to purchase an outdoor storage box. These are great for storing anything from lawn chairs to folding tables, and they can really help to keep your patio in shape!2)    Regularly sweep your patio.Sweep your patio regularly to get rid of bracken and debris. Leaves, twigs and general dirt can make your patio appear unclean, even when it’s not, so keep on top of sweeping to leave your patio looking clear and tidy all of the time!3)    Getting rid of weeds.Weeds can grow in the cracks and crevasses of your patio, and they can make your patio appear messy and unkempt. No one likes weeds in their garden, and it’s easy to get rid of them and prevent their re-growth! Wear gardening gloves and rip out any weeds that you can find. Tougher weeds might require the use of gardening scissors, but try a kitchen knife as a handy alternative! Once your patio is free from weeds simply spray down a weed killer and weed prevention spray and you’ll find your patio is free from weeds all of the time! Don’t forget to use the spray regularly to stop weeds from growing all year round!4)    Removing stains.Whether it’s dirt, grime or even mildew, stains can easily form on your patio. Mix together a cup of bleach (use chlorine-based bleach for brick patios) with clean water and use a stiff brush to buff away at any unsightly marks on your patio. You’ll find even the toughest stains will lift easily and quickly, though some might require a little elbow grease as well! Rinse away dirt and the bleach mixture once you’re finished, but be aware that if bleach touches any of your plants or flowers then this will easily kill them!5)    Cleaning your patio.Clean your patio regularly and you’ll notice a huge difference to your back and front gardens. You can either use the bleach-and-brush method as described above, or you could invest in an outdoor steam cleaner or power washer. These are great pieces of equipment that are perfect for cleaning your patio, but they’re not ideal if you’re trying to stick to a budget!6)    Hiring professional help.Sometimes cleaning your patios can be time consuming and difficult, and if you struggle to keep your patios looking their best then you might want to hire professional patio cleaners! Professional cleaners can use top-of-the-line equipment and fantastic cleaning techniques that will leave your patios looking better than you’ve ever seen them. Have a look online or speak to neighbours, friends and family to find out about highly-regarded companies that you can depend on!

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