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How to Keep your House Clean if you Have Pets
Published on Friday, 13 September 2013

How to Keep your House Clean if you Have Pets

Your four-legged friends are just as much a part of your household as your family is, but unlike your family, it can be difficult to convince your pets to clean up after themselves! If you’re struggling to keep your home clean because of your pets, here a few hints and tips to make your job a lot easier!
-    Keeping paws clean.
Your pets track a lot of dirt and bacteria into your home on their paws. If your pets are leaving dirt and grime wherever they tread then why not invest in a pet-friendly doormat? Many pet shops sell mats which are specifically designed to lift dirt from your pets’ paws. Traditional door mats can damage the pads on your pets’ feet, so it’s important you use a softer option. Alternatively, keep an old towel by your back door so you can wipe down your pet’s paws before they enter your house.
-    Bathing your pets.
Keep your home smelling fresh and cut-down on bacteria by washing your pets on a regular basis.
-    Hair-removal tools.
If you have pets that shed their fur then it’s important you keep your carpets clean and hair-free. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do. If you’re struggling to keep your carpets looking their best then try using a broom to lift hair from the fibres of your carpet before you vacuum. You might also want to try investing in a pet hair brush for carpets. These are designed to help lift hair from your floors so they stay as clean as possible.
-    Pet beds.
Your pet’s bed can end up becoming a breeding ground for bacteria unless it’s cleaned on a regular basis. Start by beating the bed outside to remove any excess hair. The best way to get your dog or cat beds clean is to use a steam cleaner to destroy and bacteria. If you don’t have a steam cleaner and aren’t looking to rent one, then your washing machine is the next best thing. Try to remove as much excess fur as you can before washing, as the hair can build-up and affect the performance of your washer.
-    Toilet training.
If your pets aren’t fully house-trained then your home is inevitably going to get that nasty pet smell. For dogs, it’s worth investing in a qualified trainer if your pup just doesn’t understand the rules. If you have a cat that uses a litter tray, why not take the time to teach it to be an outdoor cat instead? This will help cut-down on bacteria and unwanted scents in your home.
-    Food.
Pet food can take up a lot of space in your kitchen, but luckily there are many different storage solutions available. Have a look in your local pet shop to see how you can store food for your animals in neat and tidy ways. If you feed your pets from tins then make sure you’re using re-usable plastic lids to keep the food as fresh as possible. This will also help to get rid of any unwanted pet-food odours.
-    Cleaning up your garden.
If your pets use your garden as their own personal toilet then it’s important you regularly pick up and dirt they leave behind. Not doing this could attract flies to your home, and faeces can damage garden appliances like your lawn mower.


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