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How to Keep Your Glass-Top Stove Looking Beautiful
Published on Tuesday, 08 January 2013

How to Keep Your Glass-Top Stove Looking Beautiful

During the last decades the kitchen appliances are not only something that we use to cook. They are designed and made to look as spaceships – shining, smooth and with less buttons. The new kitchen equipment is powerful, economic and very easy to work with. They can help the housewife with so many new functions, that cooking, cleaning and laundry does not sound like punishment anymore.

The glass-top stove is one of the biggest and most important achievements in the field of the kitchen amenities during the last twenty years. It established a whole new generation of stoves and made our life and cooking a lot easier and pleasant. Like it was said this equipment is very economic in its electricity consumption. It reaches the necessary temperature very fast and made the food easy to be prepared and very tasty. The glass-tops also look very good and stylish, especially when they are kept clean and maintained in good condition.

Usually everyone can find special detergents and tools to do this cleaning, but still there are few tips that will make your efforts lead you to better results.

First you can start with choosing proper pots and pans, which will not damage the stove top. The glass-top is usually not as fragile and vulnerable as it looks, the glass is very thick actually, but still this glass like any other can be scratched and this scratch will be the first thing you will see as you enter the kitchen and this may get really annoying situation. Ceramic, iron and stoneware utensils are not amongst the preferred ones to use on such stove.

If you have a special detergent, for which you are sure that it will not do any harm to the glass stove, you can spray the surface with it and wait a little till it make the spots easier for cleaning. You can use the time when you are having the dinner with your family after you have cooked on the stove. The only thing that is good to remember is that you have to wait for the whole surface to get completely cool. The good thing here is that these stoves have indication for the heat and it the red light will stay on till the surface of the stove is ready for cleaning.

No matter how good and powerful the modern detergents are there are still some stains that are very hard to be removed. In this case it is not important how long you will leave the detergent working on the surface of the stove. If it does not manage with the stain within 5 to 10 minutes, it will not do it after that either. This is the moment when you will need some good old tricks like the baking soda and lemon juice. Use special cotton cloths for cleaning the glass-top stove only. You can apply the baking soda directly on the spot, on a cold surface again, clean it gently then and you would have to get rid of the stain.

For more stubborn spots pour a little hot water and then squeeze some lemon juice on it. Vinegar also will be very helpful. Repeat this procedure several times if it is necessary, but dry the surface well before each new try.

There are special scrapers that are sold with the stove which are doing fantastic jobs. The razor is also good decision for harder stains, like those from burnt milk for example.

Besides the other advice the best thing you can do is clear the food that has fallen on the stove immediately. The only disadvantage of this method is that you can apply it only for the cold parts of the glass-top stove otherwise it is not the smartest thing to do.


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