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How to Get Rid of Refrigerator Smells
Published on Saturday, 08 September 2012

How to Get Rid of Refrigerator SmellsThe smell of a new
Refrigerator, as any new appliances, has its own smell. To not mingle with the scent of a favorite meal, before using the refrigerator it will have to be cleaned up. Use a warm solution of water with baking soda or any detergent. Do not forget to wash the refrigerator exterior. Then wipe dry all surfaces and leave the door open for a couple of hours to ventilate the working chamber. After that you can safely upload products.

The smell of old
Even if you firmly close all the banks and food containers, over time, the symphony of flavors from your refrigerator is no longer pleasing. Hence, it is time to clean the refrigerator or at least clean up the special drain hole inside the chamber (it tends to clog). Manufacturers usually recommend following this procedure once a year.

You can get rid of the odor with the help of folk remedies.
Vinegar: Wipe the walls of the refrigerator with a cloth dampened in a solution of vinegar (diluted with water 50 to 50).
Baking soda: Wash your refrigerator with an aqueous solution of soda. And then put in an open container of baking soda and change it every 3 months. Soda absorbs odors well.

Ammonia help in the most severe cases, when the refrigerator is cleaned, but the smell remains. Rub the inside wall of the refrigerator with ammonia and leave the door open for the day.

Wood or charcoal. Crush a handful of charcoal, pour into a saucer and leave in the fridge for a day.
Lemon juice. Clean the refrigerator inside, or at least wipe with a damp cloth with a drop of lemon juice.
When buying a new refrigerator you want it clean and smelling fresh. But this is not always the case. Details of equipment can save the factory smell for a long time. After all, as a rule, a refrigerator delivered to you fully in their original packaging, which does not have access to fresh air. Therefore, before placing the products have to do a few simple steps. First, wash your refrigerator inside and out with warm water and baking soda, then with clean water. After washing wipe dry all surfaces with a soft cloth and leave the refrigerator open for a couple of hours for the remainder smell to completely weathered. After that you can safely upload new products in the refrigerator.

However, the smells are not only in new but also in operation refrigerators. The reason may be improper storage of food and the smell of refrigeration parts. Do not be scared - it is not leaking coolant. Modern technologies allow the use of refrigerants that do not have any odor. But the details of the plastics can give off unpleasant odors for quite a long time. Unfortunately, other than to kill "plastic" smell pleasant aromas of food can not do anything. But "live" smells can stay in your refrigerator at any time. It is necessary to remember to pack smoked sausage or even a small piece of fish or the fridge will be fragrant with the scent of unfreshness. To deal with such a manifestation of the life of your refrigeration equipment is necessary. Moreover, even the lazy housewife can beat the nasty spirit of small forces. To get rid of unwanted odors, simply place an absorbent - a product which absorbs all the flavors well. And use it regularly when the slightest smell appears, updating every 3-4 days.

Another good absorbents are half a raw potato, half an apple, a slice of lemon, a piece of bread crumbs.

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