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How to Effectively Remove Blood Stains
Published on Saturday, 23 July 2011

How to Effectively Remove Blood StainsA blood stain should be dealt with immediately to prevent the stain from lingering on the cloth which will make it harder to remove. Kids may be exposed to little accidents that caused their clothes to be stained with blood. The first thing that you have to do is to immerse the cloth in cold water. Scrub the stained spot using your knuckles to loosen up the stain. After that, take the cloth into the washer, put in some detergent and launder it. But if the blood has already dried up on the garment, you have to soak it in a pail of cold water overnight. In the morning, wash the cloth as usual in the washer. Do not use the dryer to dry the garment, instead, you can hang it or lay it flat on a picnic table and let the sun dry it out.

In removing old blood stains like stains in the bedsheet or blankets caused by menstrual flow, you have to soak the sheets in cold water as well. You can also wash the items using cold water with soap flakes or mild detergent. If the blood is still there, mix one tablespoon of meat tenderizer and two tablespoons of cold water to make a potent paste. Apply this paste on the blood stain using your fingers. Leave this on for at least half an hour. Blot out the excess paste after half an hour and wash the garment in cold water.


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