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How to Do House Cleaning for the Next Season
Published on Tuesday, 11 May 2010

How to Do House Cleaning for the Next Season
A new season is always a great reason to clean up. You need to put out new stuff for the season. And you always need to clean the things you will not use for a while during the season. But instead of cleaning your home at random, it would be better to clean by rooms.
Since it's time for the sunny months it's time to put out the grills and start cleaning them. Clean your whole yard and inspect everything for any needed repairs. Clean the garage too and bring out needed equipment.
Inside, you could tackle the windows and screens in the living room first. This would let the natural breeze in more easily. Include the draperies and the blinds as well. But if there is an adjacent room, you should clean the windows there as well. The vents should be vacuumed too.
The kitchen also needs some cleaning. For the refrigerator to run more efficiently its coils needs to be vacuumed. Of course, the other parts of the refrigerator and the inside should be cleaned as well. Cabinets should be cleaned inside and out too. You should scour pots and pans so they will look shiny and ready for use. Don't forget to clean the stove and oven. Of course, clean all surfaces as well.
Even your washing machine and your dryer should be cleaned. Simply disassemble the dryer and then vacuum the vents. On the washing machine, run a half cup of vinegar. And to finish off do some basic dusting and vacuuming.
Don't forget to clean your bedroom. Launder your mattress, the comforters, the sheets and the pillows. After vacuuming and cleaning the surfaces, organize your stuff well. And when the mattress is dry rotate it and put some fresh sheets on.

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