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How to Disinfect Easily the Big Matress
Published on Saturday, 05 January 2013

How to Disinfect Easily the Big Matress

There are many things and objects in every home, which are used every day and can not be washed in the washing machine and easily maintained. The fabrics on the furniture and the mattresses on our beds are such things.

They are not only hard to be cleaned, they get dry very slowly, many of them are heavy and impossible for moving. Still they need cleaning and maintenance and could not be left dirty, just because they are hard to manage with.

A mattress on a bed is one of these objects that are present in every home. What makes their cleaning even more difficult is the fact that if you decide to wash them somehow you usually will have nothing to replace it with and to sleep on for the period during which the mattress is getting dry. That is why the best why to clean is to just disinfect them.

Many people may consider this act as useless due to the fact that a sheet is put on top of each mattress and it is not directly in contact with anything else. However the dust has the skill to penetrate everywhere, even through the smallest holes. So inevitably it gets on the mattress and may cause the development of certain bacteria in this environment. In fact if we can see all the tiny creatures that are living in your home and bed you will not be able to get any sleep at all.

It is a very famous fact that mattresses should be turned with the up side down and this has to be repeated each few months. But this is not a way for keeping them clean. It is the way to save them in good condition for longer and made the wear equal in each side.

You can of course wash a mattress with soap and warm water, but you have to pick very sunny day with zero percent of humidity. Still it is not very good idea, because if the mattress does not get completely dry for very short time things can get very unpleasant. This kind of cleaning has one big disadvantage and this is that the soap and water will not kill the bacteria.

Before the disinfection try to clear as much dust from the mattress as it is possible. This can be easily done with every vacuum cleaner and the same attachment with which you will clean the upholstery. After the dust is removed you can follow several ways to do the disinfection. The hand-held steamer will do great job in this case. You should run it along the whole surface of the mattress. This treatment will surely kill all germs. To freshen the surface of the mattress even better, sprinkle a little baking soda on it, leave it like this for a few minutes and then vacuum it very carefully.

Bleach is very good for disinfection, but it can not be used very often because it have specific smell and can damage very badly most of the surfaces. That is why it is better choice to pick a solution for cleaning and disinfection with nice smell, even though it is not so strong and powerful in cleaning. When you have picked the detergent with which you are going to do the disinfection, dilute it in warm water. You should very carefully follow the instructions of the manufacturer at this point. Then dump a cloth in it and squeeze it very well. Wring the wrap as long as it takes until it gets almost dry. Thus you will prevent the mattress from getting wet. You can then dry the whole surface of the mattress with another cloth.

Some sprays can be applied directly on the mattress. Still you have to wash them after that with a wrap, dumped in warm water.      


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