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How To Clean Offices
Published on Thursday, 09 August 2012

How To Clean OfficesAll professional cleaning companies follow a specific procedure when they clean offices. This service is a routine cleaning and you can do it as well. If you are a starting business, these basic tips will help you manage.

The procedure is done the same way in each office premises and includes removing all the trash, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning the dust, vacuuming the carpet and a thorough cleaning of the restrooms. This basic routine happens at every office on a regular basis. Additional services which can be done once a week include windows washing and cleaning of all desks and sofas.

The routine cleaning usually starts after the end of the work day, which is usually after 5:00 pm. The cleaning can be performed any time after the employees leave, even at night. How often the office gets cleaned depends on the manager or the boss, but typically it is between one and five times a week.

An office cleaning is best performed in a circular pattern - going from one room to another and from desk to desk, covering the perimeter of the office. This ensures that the cleaner doesn't overlook anything. Every office desk has a trash can which is either under it or next to it and a big mistake a cleaner can make is to miss emptying some of them. If you happen to miss one trash can under a desk you can be sure that the employee working there won't be happy to find it on the next morning and this will most certainly reach you and the employer in the cleaning company. Even if you have done a perfect job, overlooking a trash can or missing a paper clip on the floor will be quite visible in the morning. That's why you should follow a pattern every time you clean, to make sure you aren't missing anything.

Have a final fast walk through the office before you leave. This way you can double check whether everything's been done and the chairs are in their place. Before starting to clean an office, make sure you can find out where the paper products are kept (toilet paper and paper towels) and the location of the janitorial closet. You will need trash liners in two sizes and other supplies. Knowing where those things are located will save you some time. Before you start cleaning the restrooms, empty the trash and restock the toilet paper and paper towels. The restrooms in every office are the dirtiest place and no part of them should be overlooked. Clean the restrooms as meticulously as possible: sinks, mirrors, floors, toilets, faucets, etc. The cleaner a toilet is, the better the cleaning company according to many office managers. The process of dusting should be done before the vacuuming, so after the vacuuming everything will be cleaned and all the dust gathered. Following after that is the mopping, which should be done with the right cleaning detergent and with water changed regularly. If you follow a routine procedure for cleaning you will make sure you never skip anything or make a mistake. Good cleaning services are a combination of preciseness, speed and efficiency. Only one of these cannot lead to good results. Learn the basics of office cleaning and you will see that it is actually a manageable task and even easier than residential cleaning.

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