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How Often Do You Have to Clean Your Carpet?
Published on Friday, 03 August 2012

How Often Do You Have to Clean Your Carpet?If you have plenty of carpets at your place then you should figure out how to keep them in a good and clean condition. Dirty carpets are a not healthy, allowing bacteria and pests to breed on them. This can cause different kinds of allergies. Moreover, dirty carpets can give room to unpleasant odors. However, be prepared that carpet cleaning causes problems and is in fact quite a strenuous job.

If your carpets are lightly soiled, you'd better vacuum them at least once a week. You should also clean spots immediately after dirt falls on the carpet or as soon as you see them. You have children or pets at home? Then your carpets will get dirty quite fast. Children will surely drop food on your kitchen floor and pets shed their hair everywhere they go. You might have to vacuum the carpets and rugs daily and always keep an eye on any mess and immediately take care of it. However, despite all your hard work, a carpet can rarely remain immaculately clean for a long time. At one point you will need a professional carpet cleaners. Some deep spots on the carpets cannot be removed with an ordinary carpet cleaning solution and will need restorative treatment. Certain areas of the carpet get dirtier than others because of the traffic, but the areas that don't (under furniture like tables) simply come to differ in colour at one point or another. Once a year it's advisable to trust professionals' cleaning services. These experts know exactly how to treat your carpets so that they preserve their lives for longer. Having the right equipment and technique is vital, so don't try to do all the cleaning yourself every time. A frequently-used carpet should be cleaned by a professional at least once a year. It is essential to follow the cleaning schedule which was initially recommended by the manufacturer - this will ensure that you are able to maintain your warranty.

Here is a guide on how frequently you need to clean your carpet:
If it is a light soil carpet: vacuum it once a week and clean spots right after they happen or as soon as possible. The area that is heavily-used needs a professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months and restorative cleaning every two years or depending on the warranty.

If it is a normal soil carpet and you have children or elderly people living in the same place: vacuum it one or two times a week. The same rule applies to spot cleaning - it should be done as soon as noticed. The heavy-use area needs cleaning done by a professional carpet cleaner every 6 to 12 months and restorative cleaning should be done annually.

If it is heavy soil and in a family with pets or smokers: vacuuming should be done between two and four times a week with a daily spot cleaning. The professional cleaning of heavy-use area should be between 3 and 6 months and the restorative cleaning twice a year.

There are certain extreme conditions under which a carpet requires more often cleaning and maintenance. These conditions are large families and families with multiple pets. In such a case vacuuming must be done on a daily basis and the spot cleaning as soon as possible. The heavy-use area of the carpet has to be cleaned professionally every 2 to 3 months and the restorative cleaning is best to be done 4 times a year. These are the absolute basic requirements for keeping a carpet clean for longer and preserving its life.

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