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How Do You Clean Your Kitchen?
Published on Tuesday, 04 March 2014

How Do You Clean Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is a classic cleaning nightmare; if you think about it, that kind of makes total sense, as you will no doubt understand that the preparation of food is a whole load more messy than anything that you get up to in the living room. The cooking of food will also release fats into the air, which will settle in places that you clean less often, so when it does come to doing a full on clean of the room, you may well find that things are a little more difficult than you would like! There are many ways in which to make these issues less, and much of them revolve around the way in which you use the kitchen, the regularity of your cleaning, and a few neat little tricks and tips for stubborn spots...

When it comes to the use of the kitchen, it is important that you attempt to tidy up after yourself when you are working. There is a lot to be said for ensuring that things are wiped up straight away, and all mess is rid of as soon as it happens, as otherwise, you have to deal with all of the mess that you make at the same time, after the meal, and when you also have washing up to do. This inevitably means that you will take less care in cleaning, especially if you would prefer be sitting with others that you have cooked for, having made a beautiful meal! If you can get things done as they happen, then the overall mess will be lessened, and you can have less difficulty in clearing it away after.

When it comes to ensuring that you are cleaning more regularly, this does not mean wiping down the surfaces after the meal is made, it means doing a proper, full on clean of the kitchen every week! This may sound like a lot, as a full kitchen clean is a big job, as you have to do the insides of cupboards, the oven, fridge, microwave etc. The thing about upping the regularity however, is that the task becomes less and less of a monstrous one, the more regularly that you do it. The oven will stay cleaner, so that you are simply brushing it down every now and again, and you will eventually realize that you don’t even need specialist oven cleaning products; you can just use household cleaner, or soapy water! This will be because the amount of serious baked on dirt will have been reduced, and not allowed to build back up, so you are in a great position with simply wiping it down each week. The same goes for the cupboards; it will be like dusting rather than tough cleaning!

There are a couple of little tips that you may enjoy to help with the initial clean however, to get you started on the right foot... For a start, a little known microwave cleaning method is to put a halved and squeezed lemon in a bowl with a little water, which is then microwaved for four minutes on high power. The heat will evaporate the lemon water, which will degrease the interior of the unit, making it easy to wipe clean! If you feel like the oven cleaning is back breaking work, find a long handled stiff scrubbing brush! In order that you get the surfaces extra clean, leave the de-greasing spray on there for two minutes before you start wiping it down.


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