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House Cleaning - Clean Using Natural Products and Home Remedies
Published on Wednesday, 05 June 2013

House Cleaning - Clean Using Natural Products and Home Remedies

For cleaning on a budget, try creating natural cleaners using what you already have at home. From lemon to soda crystals, there are so many home remedies you can explore and methods to experiment with. If you’re unsure what to use where or how to use it, the following pointers will help you. Remember to test areas beforehand to avoid damaging surfaces. It’s better to create these solutions fresh so try to avoid keeping solutions for more than 3 days at a time. Especially food based products. Also, remember to rinse or wipe clean after use to avoid sticky surfaces.

•    Good old-fashioned baking soda is a natural wonder. It’s great for tackling stains and eliminating odours. You can also use it to freshen up carpet. It is so cheap and simple to use, ensure you are regularly stocked-up with the stuff for a multi-purpose cleaner.
•    Soda water is brilliant for removing red wine stains. Or the white wine method works just as well.
•    White vinegar is brilliant for cleaning glass and windows. By finishing with a dry cloth, this will buff the area and remove any streaks.
•    Ammonia is also a brilliant all-purpose cleaner, especially for dirty windows and surfaces.
•    Salt is another natural wonder. Similarly to soda, salt is great for cleaning copper and brass.
•    Instead of investing in specialist cleaning brushes, use an old toothbrush or nail brush.
•    Natural-based products such as cream cleaner can be a real lifesaver, it can be used on bathroom tiles and baths with minimal mess and fuss.
•    Water alone is great for cleaning. Mixed with vinegar or soap, you will create a great solution for grease-ridden items such as glasses.
•    By using a toilet roll or paper towels to clean the loo, this will be a hygienic method without re-using a sponge or cloth.
•    Lemons are a wonderful natural cleaner. Try putting a few wedges of lemon in your washing up bowl or fridge for a fresh finish.
•    The juice of lemon can also be used to tackle scum, limescale and hard water. It smells great too so rather than using bought products, lemons are a cheap and efficient way to achieve great results.
•    Cornstarch can be used on carpets for cleaning. It is a great natural cleaner as it absorbs quickly.
•    Those soda crystals you have collecting dust in the cupboard under the sink are great for removing stubborn food stains such as curry and sauces.
•    Essential oils such as jojoba and tea tree are brilliant polishers and germ-killers. They also leave a lovely fresh scent.
•    Make your own polish solution by crushing walnuts and creating a paste. When used with a dry cloth you can achieve a just as shiny and high-polished finish as you would with a chemical-based product.
•    Ice is a great stain remover for chewing gum and glue.
•    Olive oil is a natural polisher and buffer – by using with a dry cloth you will achieve a high shine finish on stainless steel surfaces. Use only a little though to avoid over-greasing!
•    You can use toothpaste for stained silverware, but remember to rinse off.
•    Salt is also a brilliant scratch-free cleaner, believe it or not. So once used with a little water you will be left with shiny glass surfaces or bathroom tiles.


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