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Getting Rid of Spider webs
Published on Saturday, 19 December 2009

Getting Rid of Spider webs Spiders provide balance to the environment so as much as possible avoid killing them if you can only lead them out of your house. Spider webs make our house look abandoned and old, so we feel the need to get rid of them.   Before you start removing the webs, the first thing that you need to do is to get rid of the spider. Be able to identify if the type of spider is venomous or not. Brown recluse and black widow are dangerous spiders. Read to know more about these deadly spiders. But dangerous or not, be extra careful not to be bitten. Here are the options that you may choose from on what you will do to get rid of these spiders and their webs.   1. Visit your nearest hardware to purchase a special bug vacuum. Use this to capture the spider and to destroy its web. Free the spider in your garden. It will guard your plants and crops against bugs, insects, locusts, flies and mosquitoes.   2. You may also use your grandma's tall brush. This brush is designed to reach the ceilings and sides of ceilings. Without the hassle of going up in the ceiling, you can sweep the spider webs with its owner and send it out using this tall brush.   3. If you spot a dangerous spider, spray it with spider repellents. But when you get near it, better wear an eye protection, gloves in your hands, and a long- sleeved shirt with hood for your safety. Spider repellents are available in the market.   4. You may also do the traditional way of getting rid of webs- by picking them using sticks. This is better for the spider webs on the floor or corners of the house. The same principle applies with that of using a long brush.    

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