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Getting Rid Of Red Wine Stains
Published on Friday, 11 April 2014

Getting Rid Of Red Wine StainsRed wine stains are the most common and talked about stains that there are. Admittedly the open discussion channels on stains are limited, and so they should be, but everyone has had to deal with a red wine stain in their adult life, whether on a favorite white shirt, or a beautiful cream carpet at a party. You will find that everyone has their own way of dealing with the most obvious and offensive of the staining family, but which works best for you? The following words aim to go over a few fool proof methods for ridding yourself of red wine stains no matter the situation nor the material, so have a look to see if your own method could be improved on!For a start, everyone knows that a stain needs to be kept wet for as long as it takes to clean it, as otherwise it will dry and set into the fibers of the carpet or clothing that you are getting it out of. This drying would cause it to be almost impossible to get rid of, so do try as hard as you can to keep the stain lubricated. However, there is also the fact that when you are cleaning a stain, you must get rid of as much residue red wine as possible, as otherwise you will simply be spreading the stain around. So, you should start off by dabbing the stain with a paper towel or clean tea towel. Ensure that you do not move the stain around and cause a wider area to be affected, but do dab it firmly, so that the towel soaks up as much red wine as possible, preventing it from further staining. Once you feel like you are not removing any more, then you will be at risk of the stain starting to dry out, so apply a little water, and carry on dabbing. If you do not have the right cleaning products, then you should apply salt, as this will draw more wine from the carpet than the dabbing will, and keep the stain wet until you can find the appropriate cleaning product. If you have the product to hand, then apply a soon as you can, to reduce the time that the wine has in which to set in to the fibers. There are a great many stain removers out there, from oxy-action ones to wine specific ones for both clothes and carpets, that many swear by. However, you may not have these in the house. In which case, a mixture of baking soda and salt with a little water, will form an extremely useful paste that can be spread over the stain and left for half an hour. This paste will fizz away at the mark as the baking soda carbonates in the water, drawing it from the fibers, but will also soak up the wine as it comes away, as the salt is extremely absorbent. This makes for a great stain buster, and you can vacuum or wipe it up as it dries, reapplying if needs be. If you find that it does not come away after a few rounds, try a little rubbing alcohol, to see if that’s what is needed to get rid of the slightly dried in bits. You need to be careful with the alcohol however, as it can shift some colors, so try it out on a less obvious area of the material that you are cleaning before applying to the stain, as otherwise you may get an even worse mark!

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