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Getting Rid of Garage Garbage
Published on Thursday, 31 December 2009

Getting Rid of Garage Garbage
Are you one of those people who can't help but put and store things in their garage until it piles up? If yes, you might want to start getting rid of that garbage. We can consider something as garbage if it has no use anymore and just adds up to the clutter and piles.
Your garage should have enough space for your car and the needed items that should really be in a garage like tools, spare tires, etc.
So what do we need to do to clean up your garage? The following are some useful tips.
Sort Out
Check the things that got piled up in your garage. Sort out the things into 3 sections: those that you really need, those that you frequently used and those that you don't need anymore. If you have to lift heavy and large objects, ask for help so that it may not endanger your health.
If you've already identified the needed items, get a box or a container for small items and you can label it.
Clean Up
Before you return all the things you've sorted out, clean first the garage. Start from top to bottom. Remove all the cobwebs that might already be hanging in the ceiling of your garage by using a long broom.
Next, wipe the shelves, drawers and the likes by using cleaning products. It's much better if you use those who can easily remove greases and stains. You can also use that in cleaning the walls.
Scrub the floors with soap and water and make sure that you also give enough attention to the corners. Next is to let the floor dry.
In arranging your garage, put all the things you need in accessible areas especially, those you usually used. Avoid arranging things in a way that you need to move an object first before you can get it.
Group together. It may be based on the frequency you use the materials or based on its uses. You can create your own criteria in grouping things together.
Don't ever put those small items at the bottom. If you have shelves, it's better if you put it there or at the drawers. For those large objects, you may put it at the bottom but it has to be something you don't use frequently but needed in the garage and you don't have to move it much whenever you want to use it.
You can also put the nails in hanging up small bags and containers to save space.
As always, it's good to have a clean and clutter-free garage.

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