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Get The Office Clean And Tidy
Published on Friday, 06 March 2015

Get The Office Clean And Tidy

For a productive and efficient working environment, it is important to keep the office tidy and clean. Office cleaning is different to your domestic cleaning chores to keep the house clean. It becomes difficult cleaning and organising the office because it is predominately a place to work. Office cleaning shouldn’t be neglected, however, and with these handy tips you can keep your office space neat and clean.

File as you go

The biggest mess in an office can be created by lose papers floating about with an assigned space. It is much easier and more effective in the long run to file as you go. If, at the end of the day, you have a pile of papers sitting on your desk and are tempted to just leave it till tomorrow, you should fight the temptation and spend 5 or 10 minutes doing it before you go home. You will thank yourself in the morning for this.

Clean electronic equipment

Computer keyboards tend to attract mess and dirt, often in the form of food crumbs, drink spills or just grease transplanted from your fingers. There is a simple and easy fix to this problem. Have a microfiber cloth or other such wipes suitable for electronic equipment handy beside your desk. Make sure all staff members have one too. A few times a day, wipe over the keyboard and you will notice a huge difference. It really adds to the cleanliness in the atmosphere and keeps germs away when electronics are kept clean.

Implement a labelling system

When objects and items at your desk have an assigned place, you will keep the clutter at bay. If things just get tossed about and piled up with no system, it will be harder and harder to keep your desk clean. When you have labels on drawers and assigned places for stationery items, you will notice a big difference in how clean your desk feels.
Instil cleaning habits in your staff members

Many hands make light work when it comes to cleaning. Office cleaning shouldn’t be the responsibility of just one singular person. Rather, if everyone in the office pitches in, cleaning chores will get done habitually and effortlessly. Such cleaning habits that can be easily instilled include:

-    Emptying office bins regularly. When staff members have a bin under their desk, encourage them to empty it themselves each night, or when it is full. This is not only good for office cleanliness, but also for the general health and wellbeing of your office space.
   Clean the staff kitchen. Encourage staff to clean up after they have a cup of coffee or tea in the staff kitchen. Simply rinsing the mug and putting it in the dishwasher can be a very productive cleaning product. Also using common sense, such as when you see the counter is a bit messy, have a sponge handy so that anyone can wipe it over.
Hire the professionals

Depending on the size of your office space, it can be much more productive to a hire a professional cleaner from a cleaning agency to thoroughly clean the space. Depending on your cleaning needs, a professional cleaner can be bought in every night, or two or three nights a week. This will reduce considerable amounts of stress amongst your office staff members if the cleaning is done by an external source.


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