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Friendly Home Cleaning Recipes
Published on Wednesday, 05 September 2012

Friendly Home Cleaning RecipesWe use a lot of house cleaners from the store for dishes, mirrors, floors, toilets, sinks, laundry, etc. Harm detergents should not be underestimated, they contain toxic industrial components and are harmful to our health.

At the same time, we can produce many of the used tools by ourselves with more harmless components. They can effectively clean, and are economical and a much less harmful to the air at home.

Thus you'll be able to clean the kitchen and other rooms without sacrificing your health.

The harm from cleaning can be reduced with some recipes, resulting in safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Well known materials around us can be used for cleaning. Baking soda is a weak alkaline mineral, made from soda ash. It has wonderful soft non-abrasive cleaning properties. Baking soda can be used for cleaning sinks, baths, ovens, glass, kitchen surfaces.

Soda ash is a strong alkaline mineral. It perfectly removes grease, gasoline, wax, and many stains. Don't use it for cleaning fiberglass, aluminum, and wax floors.

Water solution of vinegar (3-15%) helps in the kitchen for removing wax, grease, traces of soap, sediments and unclogging pipes.

Cleaner for tile in the bathroom can be mixed with one part of vinegar (lemon juice can also be used) and 2 parts water. Vinegar can break down and wash away the dirt without any chemicals used. Additionally, the vinegar has antibacterial properties.
For heavily soiled areas, use vinegar and rubber gloves.

A good detergent recipe is a ½ cup of baking soda and liquid soap until getting cream texture.
You can apply anti-bacterial natural oils like rosemary, lavender or tea tree. You can use these for wiping bath and wash thoroughly with water. To store the mixes add 1 tsp. glycerol and close the container lid. If you're not going to keep the mixture, make it smaller.

To make floor detergent add ½ cup of vinegar and a bucket of water. If the floor is very dirty, you can add a drop of liquid soap. For a perfect purity you can use white vinegar to wipe the floor after washing it.

To make a good pipe detergent use 1 or 2 cups of vinegar. Pour the liquid down the drain. Vinegar kills 80 to 99% of the bacteria. This procedure can be done once or twice a week.

The toilet is always a challenge. Mix one cup of vinegar and a handful of baking soda. Pour the vinegar into the toilet and throw in the soda. Leave it for 15 minutes, it will sizzle and form foam. Clean with brush and water.

A useful multi-purpose detergent can be done with ½ liters of hot water, ½ teaspoon of soda ash and a little bit of liquid soap. Stir the ingredients until dissolving and pour the mixture into spray bottle. Squirt on desired surface and wipe clean.

When working with soda ash, use rubber gloves, because even though it much safer than the industrial mix, it is a strong alkali.
To make the perfect detergent for glass and mirrors mix half a liter water, three table spoons vinegar and a third teaspoon of liquid soap for dishes. Mix and pour into a spray bottle and you can start washing. Soap removes stains and spots very well, it even can be used for cleaning synthetic suede with good results.

Cleaning the kitchen using ordinary soda vinegar and natural ingredients can be much safer for health, fun and useful, thanks detergents made with your hands.

Using these tips and recipes you can achieve harmless comfort and cleanliness in your home!

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