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Fridge Cleaning
Published on Thursday, 01 November 2012

Fridge CleaningCleaning the fridge doesn't seem to be a top priority among the house cleaning chores, but it needs to be done regularly too. A fridge gets dirty quickly - moldy leftovers, juice from fruit, spills and all sorts of debris can accumulate before you know it. Don't forget to clean the fridge - a regular wipe down of the shelves is a must, as well as learning that tossing food inside will inevitably leave stains all over the area. Before your next big shopping, while there is not much food left in the fridge and freezer is the perfect time to do a full cleaning inside and out. If you think that you will forget to clean it, put a date on your schedule. It may sound silly, but this way you will at least know when it needs to be done. First of all, turn off the fridge and unplug it.

Afterwards take all the food out. The perishable food should be put in a cooler to stay fresh. Make sure you check the expiry dates on your products. Don't keep food you won't cook anytime soon with a close expiration date or food that has already expired. If there is food that simply looks questionable, discard it. Second of all, take out the drawers for fruit and vegetables, wash them with soap in the sink and then allow them to dry. Third of all, proceed with the actual cleaning of the inside of the fridge. Always start from the top shelf moving the way down. The solution for cleaning that you can use is a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Moreover, remember that you need to use some effort and rub the area properly to remove all the debris and clean the spills entirely. You can also use baking soda and an old toothbrush to reach all the crevices and the tough areas inside the fridge. If there are places where the food has stuck a lot and there are hardened spills put a bowl with heated vinegar inside the fridge and wait for a few minutes. The steam from the bowl should do the truck and loosen up the food and spills. Once you have removed all the major dirt, rinse all the shelves and walls with a clean cloth and water. You can either dry the area with a towel or leave it until it dries on its own. If the freezer is attached to the fridge, don't forget to take all the food out and wait until it defrosts. It could take up to an hour so it is best to start with this before you clean the fridge. Wait until it is fully defrosted and then wipe it properly. It needs to be perfectly dry when you start putting the food back inside. Don't forget that the outside of the fridge needs to be cleaned too. Wipe the sides and the top with a damp towel and make sure you don't leave any water marks. Move the fridge and vacuum and mop underneath it - this is an area that is often overlooked but really shouldn't, as it accumulates plenty of dirt, food residues and dust too. Make the cleaning of the fridge and freezer a part of your usual routine and don't neglect it. When you notice there's too much ice in the freezer you know it's time to clean it.

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