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Four Steps to Cleaning the Living Room
Published on Friday, 13 July 2012

Four Steps to Cleaning the Living Room The living room is the place where the whole family spends most of the time when at home. This is the place where all of you gather together to watch television or welcome your  guests. Being such a special spot you need to regularly keep it clean and neat.

When cleaning your living room , there are several steps you should go through.

Step One: Free some space in the Living Room:
When cleaning your living room the first thing you should do is look around to see whether there are some stuff, which you no longer use and can throw away or give to charity. Very often we keep a lot of things in the living room which we rarely use and may keep in the garage.

Step Two: Clean the sofa
The first thing you need to do when cleaning the sofa is to use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. If you have a cover on the sofa , I suggest you remove it first and wash it in the washing machine.

Step three: Remove all furniture:
When you are done with the sofa and the other furniture in the room , you can remove them on one side, to make more space to clean the floor. When cleaning the floor I suggest you start by vacuuming. No matter whether you have a carpet or a parquet floor , you should very carefully clean it with the vacuum cleaner. If you have a carpet on the floor and if it can be easily removed, I suggest you beat it. Although, the vacuum cleaner can remove the dust from the carpet, if you want more than good results , you have to beat the carpet. After that, if you notice that there are some dirty spots left on the carpet, you can use a brush and a cleaning product to remove the spots.

If however, you have a parquet floor after vacuuming it I suggest you use a cleaning product mixed with water to wipe the floor. Make sure to buy a product which will not only remove the dirty spots but will also polish it.

Step Four: Organize the living room
When you are done with the furniture and the carpet you can put everything back together. With the clean floor and sparkling furniture your living room will look amazing. If you want to make it even more pleasurable and welcoming, you can decorate it with some beautiful flowers. This will create a more ingratiating atmosphere and your living room will look wonderful to your guests and your family. No matter whether you decide to put flowers or decorate the living room in some other way, make sure to change it a little bit , to make it look better and fresher not only cleaner.

The fact is that cleaning the living room as not as easy as you may have thought. There is a lot of work involved , so you need more than a half an hour to clean it effectively. When cleaning the living room it is a good idea to create some plan; what you need to clean, evaluating how much time you are going to need. Another good idea is to figure out how you want your living room to look like when you have cleaned it. Do you want it to be exactly the same, or you prefer to make it different and more pleasurable. When cleaning this room, use the steps given above to guide you through the whole process.

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