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End of Tenancy Cleaning: Making a Necessary Process Simple
Published on Friday, 01 November 2013

End of Tenancy Cleaning: Making a Necessary Process Simple

A move is a complicated process that requires many tasks to be completed. It can take you to your limits of energy, requiring you to candle many things at once just so you can relocate from one address or another. Whether it’s from one home to another or an office to another building, you will have to plan and research the process extensively. You will be required to know how to handle each chore, how long it will take, that you will have the resources you need and so on. You will have to buy many goods to enfold all of your belongings so they will be safe and clean, but not before you sort everything into groups. Carrying furniture can be a nightmare and pose risks to your health. You may need storage facilities and it will be necessary to have vehicles at the ready. All of this is necessary or a typical move so you will have your work cut out for you.  

This will become more problematic when you realise that cleaning is another vital step. You look forward to completing all the tough work so you can enjoy yourself in you new, clean abode and so you must extend this courtesy, by having your old address spotless for any other tenants. Finding the time and energy to clean every inch of your home during a move can be tough but there are ways to make it simple, which you will discover as you continue reading.

The simplest solution to any moving problem is to hire help. There will be many removal firms who can assist you and by hiring them each task will be completed by a professional safely and swiftly. This will leave you the time to do ally our cleaning, making certain that averting is done. You can do this the other way, by employing a cleaning agency to make your home look it’s best while you handle your move. If you have the money, you can hire both, making the process go well and quickly.

This may not be possible and so you have to handle your cleaning yourself. The fist thing you should tackle the floors. Every floor in every room will have been subjected to spills, dropped food, footprints, have items positioned on them and more. To make these look as good as new you must mop and vacuum every floor until they are clean, missing no corner. You will have likely packed and moved many or all from your goods and furniture so you can get to usually tough to reach spots. Use detergents to remove any lingering stains and steam out indentations made by furniture. Cut any loose carpet threads and use acrylic paint to restore small patches of lost colour.

Being thorough with your clean extend to every aspect of your building. In the inside of cupboards completely and get underneath and onto of them. Disinfect work surfaces and the toilet so they are ready for use and make the windows shine. If you are leaving behind any furniture, ensure that it is in good condition. You cannot forget places such as your attic, basement or shed, as these have to be cleaned too and it is a good idea to mow the lawn before departure. Certify that you take everything with you and nothing is left behind.

End of tenancy cleaning can be inconvenient but it is an important process and one you can overcome if you follow these tips.


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