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End of Tenancy Cleaning: Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Kitchens
Published on Thursday, 04 July 2013

End of Tenancy Cleaning: Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Kitchens

When cleaning a rented property because the end of the tenancy period is coming up, you will find that there are certain things that you forget to clean or didn’t realise that had to be cleaned. All humans work better when we know what is expected of us. In this very same way, people who know that needs to be cleaned tend to do a lot better with their end of tenancy cleaning than those who just go with the flow and don’t really have a clue.

This article will mention all of the items in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen that need to be cleaned. It provides a checklist as such that you can read and follow as you go about your end of tenancy cleaning.

In the kitchen, you need to ensure that all of the work surfaces are clean and wiped down. You can choose whether you prefer using specialist cleaners for everything in the kitchen or whether you wish to use a disinfectant or multipurpose cleaner that can be used widely, making it very convenient to have and use. If your rented property came with a refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher or oven, you need to ensure that these are cleaned thoroughly from the inside and outside. Even washing machines need to be cleaned from the inside, so if you’re not sure on how to do that, get researching! Kitchen tiles should also be scrubbed and cleaned and the floors should be mopped after having been swept or hovered. Skirting boards need to be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth if necessary. Finally, ensure that all fixtures such as light switches or power sockets and given a quick wipe CAREFULLY and you are pretty much done in the kitchen.

In the bathroom, you toilet, sink, bathtub and shower needs to be cleaned thoroughly. It is recommended that you use something stronger than just a disinfectant to clean these items, although a disinfectant can be used to wipe down after the cleaning has been done. Any limescale found on sink taps or bath taps needs to be removed appropriately and any glass needs to be cleaned. Once again, tiles need to be scrubbed as do the floors. Skirting boards need to be dusted and wiped if needed. If your bathroom has mirrors, these should be cleaned using newspaper and water or a glass cleaning solution. Floors need to be swept/hovered and mopped.

All of the furniture in the bedroom that came with the property needs to be wiped clean using cleaning wipes or a clean cloth and a little diluted disinfectant. Wardrobes, chest of drawers and dressing tables need to be empties completed and cleaned from top to bottom, both inside and out. Any light fittings, lamp shades and other fixtures need to be cleaned too. The floor should be cleaned according to the type of flooring that is present. If your carpet has stains, hire a carpet cleaning service or give the carpet a good clean yourself. If there are just a few little stains, use a homemade solution or a purchased stain remover and remove the stain. The same goes for any upholstery that may be found in the bedroom e.g. a couch or a leather chair.

People tend to do better when they have a checklist to follow. Hopefully, this checklist will make it a lot easier for you to clean your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen whilst you are in the process of your end of tenancy cleaning.


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