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Effective Ways To Clean The Oven
Published on Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Effective Ways To Clean The OvenSo that time has come, when we open our oven doors and see the amount of thick grubby charcoaled grime and grease that has taken up residence in there over a period of time, and is now refusing to vacate easily.Of course we would all love to pop on a pair of rubber gloves and wipe it away with soapy water but as you may already know, cleaning the oven is never as simple as that! Having said that, cleaning ovens at home is not exactly difficult and certainly not as challenging as you may seem, however the only way to clean the oven effectively and easily is when you know where to start.So, let’s look at the options! Where do I start?The best place to start is to remove everything in the oven that can be removed, many people will go in for the kill and later wonder why the appliance it not as sparkly as they would have desired. You do not want any obstruction when you are cleaning the oven and shelving can actually obstruct you from being able to reach the back and sides properly. Remember that the oven shelves can also be cleaned more effectively in the sink than you trying to work wonders in an awkward position on the floor, so remove all shelves prior to cleaning. Also whilst you clean the actual oven, the shelving can be left to soak for the time being, less work for you! What products to use?Depending how often you clean the oven will depend on the strength of the product you require now, regular cleaners can manage to avoid using any harmful chemicals as the reside and build up remains low due to being properly maintained often.If however your oven is in quite a bad condition you may still be able to avoid harmful chemicals if it’s absolutely essential that you cannot use them. Sometimes people will health problems may not be able to use anything that can cause irritation when inhaled and more often than not oven cleaning products are quite harsh. For those who prefer a more natural method that is kinder to the environment and safer to use at home, than steam cleaning is a great option for you. Steam cleaning can cut through grease, dirt and grime by using heat and water and it works extremely well, no other chemical product is required with this method. Other than that you may wish to use an eco-friendly cleaning product, which is a detergent made up of more natural ingredients and no chemicals are used. This is effective although for ovens that are in a particular bad state, it may not be as effective as the chemical types. If you find that these products are not as effective as you prefer, you may have to be patient and allow the product longer to take effect, and you may have to put a little more elbow grease into action the obtain a good effect. Top tips/Most shop brought oven cleaning detergents will come in a foam spray can. When this is applied to the oven always ensure that the oven is completely saturated and allow the foam to work into the grease and grime for at least 20 minutes prior to actually cleaning yourself. This will make less work for you and the end result will be more noticeably effective. Always ensure that flooring around the cooker and ovens are covered with newspaper to prevent spillages (which will run down as they loosen) from staining your floors. If you want to try homemade cleaners which are also very effective, stock up on items such as vinegar, lemons, citrus and baking soda and you can work wonders with those items alone.

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