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Eco-friendly Ways to Clean your Bathroom
Published on Friday, 06 September 2013

Eco-friendly Ways to Clean your Bathroom

More and more people are choosing to use eco-friendly cleaning products in their homes. There are many benefits to making the change – making your own cleansers from household items is often cheaper than buying chemical high-street versions, and if people in your home suffer from breathing difficulties then sometimes chemical products are something best avoided. If you’re thinking about becoming more environmentally-friendly then why not have a look at this list of hints and tips to get your bathroom clean and sanitary without the need for harsh and artificial chemicals.

-    Tackle mould in your bathroom by spritzing it with a mixture of distilled or white vinegar and water. Leave to settle before rinsing away to get rid of your mould and mildew problems. If you’re dealing with stubborn mould then this might be a process you have to repeat – if something a little more abrasive is needed then try buffing with an old or soft toothbrush. This may take a while, but it’s a fantastic way to get your bathroom looking as good as new.

-    If your tiles aren’t looking their best try gently buffing at the grout with a mixture of lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. This homemade antibacterial agent will help to breakdown dirt and grime particles, so you can simply wipe away the excess to reveal sparklingly clean tiles and grout.

-    If you find yourself dealing with little blockages in your bathroom pipes quite frequently then try adding some distilled vinegar to bicarbonate of soda and leaving the mixture to settle in your plugholes. This all-natural drain unblocker will fizz, foam and combat any minor blockages in your pipes.

-    Keep your shower curtain as clean as possible by spritzing it liberally with a spray-bottle of water and distilled vinegar. Allow the vinegar to sink into the shower curtain before rinsing to make it look as-good-as-new. For a more thorough clean, follow up the vinegar process by soaking the shower curtain in your bathtub overnight. Use warm water with lemon juice and simply rinse clean in the morning. This is a great way to get your shower curtain smelling fresh as well!

-    To get rid of hard-water stains in your bathroom simply cut a lemon in half and use one segment to gently rub at any stains you can find. The natural antibacterial properties of citric acid make this a great and easy way to remove those tough and unwanted stains.

-    Keep your toilet smelling fresh and clean by making your own all-purpose bathroom cleaner. Mix together water and lemon juice in a spray bottle and use this to sanitise your toilet bowl, toilet seat, sink, bath and any other surfaces you want sanitising. You can also use this cleanser for your floor – simply add a few drops to warm water before mopping for a fresh-scented and all-natural clean. This is a fantastically cheap alternative to expensive chemical cleaners!

-    Get rid of limescale from your taps by gently buffing them clean with an old or soft toothbrush and a mixture of distilled vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Make a paste from the two and cover your taps liberally in it before buffing away. Then just rinse clean to reveal limescale-free taps!


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