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Domestic Cleaning When Moving Out
Published on Monday, 03 February 2014

Domestic Cleaning When Moving Out

When Moving out of your private rented property it’s a good idea to do a thorough domestic clean to ensure that you get back the deposit you paid at the start. Over time property will show signs of wear and tear with noticeable stains on flooring, chipped paint and woodwork and holes in walls from hanging shelves and pictures. Although it is not your responsibility to oversee every duty bind by the property, there are certain things that you will be expected to do in order to get your deposit refunded.

By referring to your initial tenancy contract you can work out what is expected of the tenant and what is the responsibility of the landlord. You need to make sure that you cover your duties to get you deposit back but do not end up doing the landlords job and paying out more than you should for the work needed.
Generally a simple but effective clean of the place is all that is needed. If you own the contents within the property then nothing else is needed there. If you rented a fully furnished property then you should inspect the condition of the items at the end of tenancy. Are they as they were when you arrived? Are they damaged or broken? If you are unsure about whether or not to replace them, it’s probably better to speak to Landlord.

Domestic Cleaning, Where to begin!
Depending on the condition on the property it may be acceptable to do this alone or you may want to hire in a professional cleaning agency to do it for you.
Newer homes which have been well looked after may not need a cleaning companies assistance, instead you may wish to don the marigolds and put some elbow grease into action.

Start by cleaning the kitchen and bathroom to remove all traces of residue, grease and lime scale which can accumulate overtime. A steam cleaner is a good way of getting tiles and flooring to look new and sparkly again and it’s also useful for stained carpets too. Don’t forget to clean out those kitchen cupboards and also the tops of the cupboards as grease often finds its way around the home and tends to stick to those areas which are not cleaned often, also the tops of door frames.
Dust all of the surfaces around the home, including ceilings to remove cobwebs and skirting boards which attract grime. A simple soap solution is fine for doing this.

When taking down pictures, mirrors, shelving etc you may be left with holes in the walls, these holes may need to be filled especially if they contained a wall plug and screw. After doing this, the room may need a lick of paint but again, speak to the landlord first as he may have plans to refurbish the property and if so, you could be wasting your time and money by doing this.

When should I consider hiring help?
Sometimes you may not have the right tools for the job that is required or sometimes it could be that you simply do not have the time it takes to do a thorough clean of the place!

If you have lived in a property for a particularly long time you could be faced with stubborn stains that no amount of scrubbing is ever going to lift, these situations require specialised cleaning equipment and detergents to make a difference. Domestic cleaners can clean a property quickly and efficiently and the results at the end are often astounding, sometimes the property is left looking as good as new.

Finally, it could work out cheaper to hire the help than to try a DIY job and you will certainly savour your energy by doing so.


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